Dog leashes are functional accessories that help you to control your dog and in training it. The best leash need not be always exorbitantly priced but is the one that will help you communicate to your dog what you want him to do. The standard 6’ nylon dog leash is commonly used to take the dog for walks and for basic obedience exercises; however it is not recommended for long distances.

A retractable leash, which can extend 30’, is useful for leash a puppy or for teaching the stay command. However it cannot be used to keep the dog under control and hence is not suited to use while walking the dog. Leashes are available in various materials like nylon and leather. Nylon can be rough on hands especially of you have a hyperactive large dog, which is difficult to control. Leather is easy on skin and is well suited for long walks. Make sure to buy a braided leather leash that doesn’t have sewn parts, which can pull apart. If your dog likes to be in water often, then leather leash is not for you as it is not water proof and will get spoilt easily. Though many dog owners do use chain leashes, these are not recommended as it injures the dog and are ineffective in training sessions.

Nylon leashes are well suited for puppies as these are inexpensive and are well suited for leash training. As the puppy grows, you can replace it with a leather dog leash. The size of the leash that you buy will largely depend on the size of the animal. If you have a bigger dog you should have a broader leash and for breeds like Great Dane a 1“ leash is recommended. For small breeds and puppies, you can choose thin leashes.

The length of the leash will depend on not only the dog breed but also of the owner’s height. A tall person might need a longer leash to ensure the best control of the animal. The leash should be long enough to give your dog some slack, but not so long that the handler loses control of the animal.

Make sure that you always have a spare leash as it can break or get lost during training, which could leave you in a very bad state. Last but not least, avoid ornate leashes embellished with glitter, flowers or beads as you dog could chew them and can cause choking hazards.

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