A few years ago I was contacted by a woman who told me that she was moving out of her home because her husband’s work had transferred him out of state. She told me that there were a few paranormal events while her husband was in residence but since he moved the activity was becoming unbearable. As a Spiritualist Medium she was seeking my help in an attempt at learning who was in her home and if they could be removed.

When I arrived at her lovely, modern, quad-level home, I surrounded myself with the White Light and asked that I be told nothing so that I would not be influenced by what the homeowner told me. I took a piece of paper and a pen with me on my journey through the home making sure I didn’t forget anything by writing notes. I’m very glad I did. The paper gave proof of the haunting, which I’ll explain later.
The first room I inspected was the basement, where I did sense an old woman standing by the washing machine. She wore her hair in a low bun at the nape of her neck and her floor-length dress was high collared with a very tiny floral pink pattern. Over her dress she wore an aged and stained apron with pockets. I tuned into her energy and found that she was extremely unhappy that I was there. As I became more in-tune with her energy, I felt her actually pull me toward her and I had to brace myself from stepping forward. If I had been a vapor, or liquid, I received the impression that she would have sent me down the washtub drain, as if I was being sucked down the pipe. The woman then took out of her apron pocket a large butcher knife and began making downward stabbing motions as if to threaten me. I was a bit taken aback, and felt as if she was warning me to stay out of her business. I was then shown the liquid laundry detergent flying across the room because it was slammed when the lid of the washing machine came crashing down upon it. I was also shown freshly washed clothing, on hangers, lying on the floor as if someone had knocked them down on spite.
I next went into the mid-portion of the house and only picked up the presence of her father who seemed a bit worried. He told me that he protected the children. That was a relief to say the least.

On the upper floor of the house I entered the master bedroom and immediately noticed crystals in both windows across the room. I could feel an angelic presence of protection, but it was very subdued and only by the windows. I then placed the piece of paper against the wall near the closet so I could write against a hard surface. All at once the home phone began making a very loud and obnoxious noise, the closet door began to wildly shake, and oil soaked through the paper on which I was writing. It was then that I saw an old man to my right, just on the other side of the closet door from where I was standing. The man was dressed in overalls with a plaid shirt, had white hair that was unkempt and looked as though he hadn’t shaved in a week. This entity was very menacing and told me “OUT!” In an attempt at presenting the thought form that I was only there to observe, I then heard, “OUT-OUT-OUT” very loudly and at this point I did feel threatened, which made me more angry than anything. “This is no longer your home.” I told the man. “You need to leave,” and the man then left my presence.

I then ventured into the children’s bedrooms where thankfully I only encountered angelic beings and spiritual guides.

Done with the upper level of the home I went back down to the main floor and felt the urging to go outside and travel the perimeter of the home. Once outdoors, I noticed multiple residual energies in the backyard. The base layer was that of Native Americans traveling across the property. On top of that was the energy of farm animals, mainly pigs and workhorses. The energies seemed to be layered, one on top of the other much like a torte would be. Each layer was very distinct from the other. I then saw a Native American man, wearing a knee length tunic and pants made of leather, approaching me. He told me he knew what was going on with the woman and her children but knew that the land no longer belonged to the Native American’s and therefore, he couldn’t or wouldn’t enter the home out of respect for their privacy. The Native American then told me of the old man and woman who lived in the home about a century earlier who were indeed farmers.

I then went to talk to the owner of the home. At the kitchen table, with the woman and her two young daughters, I then revealed my findings. I was a bit worried about revealing the strong negativity I found in the home, but the woman reassured me that they had already seen it and experienced it and urged me to proceed.
I began by relating what I found in the basement. The eldest daughter of the homeowner confirmed the fact that she had been doing laundry and set a cup of liquid laundry detergent on the washing machine when the lid of the washer came crashing down sending the detergent flying across the basement making a terrible mess. I told her that the washing machine lid didn’t fall on it’s own, but was slammed and she agreed that there was more force than just a lid falling.
At that point, the homeowner told me that while she and her girls were recently out of town she had a friend housesit. Twice that week her friend cut her hand, the second time so badly that she had to go to the hospital for stitches!
I then related information from the homeowners father, which made her feel a bit more comfortable knowing that there were good spiritual beings around the family.
While relating the occurrence in the master bedroom I could see that the homeowner was becoming upset, but said that she would discuss the matter later in private.
We went outdoors because I felt that the homeowner also needed to know about what the Native American man had said. She hadn’t felt paranormal activity in the yard although she did state that late one evening she and her husband were in the backyard and both saw a whole pig on a spit over an open fire. Upon looking at the historical files on the land, they found that in the mid to late 1800’s there was indeed a pig farm on the land where she now lived.
While outdoors, away from the children, the homeowner disclosed an attack that she endured in the hands of the old man in her bedroom. She told me that, at her wits end, she challenged the entity – and lost. She experienced, first hand, the negativity that resided in her home.
After a bit of grief counseling, not understanding that they were dead, I explained that the old man and woman thought that she and the girls were trespassing on their property. They were so upset at their failed attempts of ridding themselves of the trespassers; they were resorting to horrendous means.

Arriving armed only with white sage, I heavily smudged the home. I then set an appointment to attempt a spirit rescue, suggesting that the homeowners and her girls stay elsewhere for the time being. A week later another medium and I went back to do the spirit rescue and the homeowner told me that abandoning the home hadn’t been possible, but that the paranormal activity had been greatly lessened. I was able to only detect the supportive presence of the homeowner’s father while I was there for the second time. The old woman and man didn’t, or wouldn’t, let their presence be known.
Taking precautionary measures, much like and exorcism of a home, I surrounded the outer perimeter of the home with White Light as well as salt in appreciation to the Native American’s. I sprinkled holy water for God’s blessing and cleansing while saying The Lord’s Prayer. Knowing I had done all I could at the time, I assured the homeowner that if she needed still needed me she only had to call.
Two years later, I haven’t heard from her. I’m sure by now she’s sold her home and moved to be with her husband across the country. I think of that event years ago and send God’s White Light for good measure.

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Lisa Bousson is an internationally known Psychic Medium, Author, Speaker and Instructor. With over 50 years experience, Lisa offers hope that our loved ones remain with us even after the change called death.

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