GlycoNutrients is a word that the majority of us have never heard of before, still, this remarkable discovery is the talk of the town in the medical community. Millions of dollars are being spent in studies every year and pristine facilities are being planted all over the land to discover further about GlycoNutrients & the results they have on the immune system. So why haven't you heard anything in relation to it

It is no riddle that doctors and E.R.'s are being financially supported by Pharmaceutical companies, and their intentions are obvious. They are the ones who make the biggest profit for them, and lets accept it, profit makes the globe go round. I do not want to be misread, and seem to be claiming Pharmaceutical industries are evil, rather my goal is to show you the positives of GlycoNutrients and why you aren't aware of them. A large amount of people today are knowledgeable of the natural medicines we possess in nature. However, sometimes we have the mindset that if we haven't discovered it yet it probably doesn't exist. This is a main reason why you have probably never heard of GlycoNutrients. GlycoNutrients are a actual sugars discovered in nature, but up until recently most of them could not be accurately studied by scientist. That has all changed in the last 10 years, yet you still have not heard of them because of who determines what the medical field knows and doesn't know.

Pharmaceutical companies have long been making synthetic replacement drugs so that they can patten them and make profits. However, something like GlycoNutrients (which are real food technologies) can not be reproduced in a lab. So if you can not create it in a laboratory then it's no use to Pharmaceutical companies. And anyone can figure out, if you can not make a profit then it does not assistance the companies to share this knowledge about it, and they are the ones who sponsor the medical seminars. That's correct, they're the ones who determine what new ideas and medicines are shared with physicians, so there's a good probability your physician will not know about them.

Pharmaceutical companies are in the business of inventing synthetic drugs for customers to obtain. And, it's doctors, medical communities, and you that they hope will buy these medicines so they can stay financially supported . The doctors turn around and prescribe those drugs to you when you get a problem that requires them, and you purchase them at your local pharmacy. You hope these medicines will help fix the issue, so you are not required to visit a doctor again. We all know Pharmaceutical companies are not going to invite you over for tea and hope to befriend you, rather they're just doing the job that gives them an income. I hope I have not offended you but that's the honest truth of the matter. If they are not able to make a profit they wouldn't be able to supply the drugs to you. Consequently, when you think of it in this way you can begin to realize why they wouldn't share their knowledge of GlycoNutrients if the couldn't make money from it.

As a drug supplier, if you could not design a synthetic of GlycoNutrients that you couldn't own the rights to the invention, and consequently your profits would lack. Comprehending that, they spend all the research money on developing a synthetic. And, until they are able to replicate it you will never hear about GlycoNutrients from them...even if it kills you.

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