If a person from early 20th century would come across in today’s world, he would not believe in his eyes on miracles of technology. From cell phones to smartphones, road transports to air transports, computers to cloud technologies. The world is totally changed within a couple of decades. Here we are going to discuss another milestone in technology whereby you can control your staff in a way that can never be imagined. There are so many folds that are given to business personals to control the employee-related activities.

Well, this miracle is known as remote employee monitoring and there are two ways to control your employees.

I. On-premises employee controlling software
II. Cloud-based employee controlling software

Both options have its own characteristics in which you will find a wider range of pros and cons. The first option is for those business units having shorter spam of management or better to say working at one location only. All systems would be connected through LAN technology and users can get connected locally. Their activities would be recorded and monitored in a real-time manner. We can present workexaminer employee monitoring software as a good example of this solution.

Second type which is more widely used and known as the best controlling software for multinational companies i.e. cloud-based employee controlling. Cloud-based employee monitoring solution is known best for its flexibility. Real-time backup of data for all the operational and business activities are carried out with no exception. As a trial version, you can go for controlio today and explore the detailed options in terms of controlling your staff.

For comparison purpose, following sites would make your life easy to compare complete range of benefits for recommended sites with their competitor’s solution.

• Tmetric
• Trackimo
• Timemanager
• Bamboohr

Controlling staff in 21 century was never been as easy as these solutions have made. Employee monitoring software offers stealth client recording that can provide you with an access to stop data theft and also can watch what user do throughout the day in office.

Through regular control by the human resource department, it can easily push the staff to work hard without wasting their time chatting with friends and keeping system idles for a long time. The cloud employee monitoring and computing websites mostly offer customized solutions as per customer requirement. These changes may be required by the management or scope of the business would require it. Customized reports can help your business to grow at a pace that can never be imagined. Staff cost would reach its best level of the forecast.

Employee controlling is playing a vital role in the current highly competitive environment. Choosing the right solution that can wisely add value to your business controlling and would force your staff to do the right things only during office hours. Your solution should be chosen according to your business needs to maximize the benefit out of it. Thus we would recommend you to cut your expenses through staff right-sizing and remote employee monitoring software would greatly help you to do the task in the best possible way.

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