There is no doubt to the fact that the world we are living in today is becoming more and more competitive with the each passing minute and the survival of various companies in the same is also getting tougher and tougher with the time. But in this highly competitive world as well there are few companies who are enjoying a fest of there own with the help of various most updated products in there baskets.

Samsung a name which was nowhere in the peoples mind (when they use to go foe mobile phone shopping) a few years back, has today got on to the position which is hard to achieve for anyone in market, that too in such a short notice. But this was not easy for this company as well, as to remain in the competition this company has worked real hard on the various products (mobile phones) it has brought into the market.

Today there is no doubt that, if you are planning to purchase a Samsung mobile phone there are number of options which are available for you, but the one which has been recently bought into the market (and in no time has stolen the hearts of many) by the company has a glamor of its own.

And that's the very reason we are here today, so that we can discuss a little more about the various basic features this mobile phone is carrying with it self in market which is known as Samsung galaxy note.

As per the reviews received from the various experts and the users of the same, we can say that is a product from the company is pretty much capable of making its own identity in the market. In fact it would not be wrong to say that this is a mobile phone from the company which can perform a role of many like a digital camera, a smart phone, a tablet and a laptop as well.

While talking about some of the very basic features this Samsung mobile phone it is coming with we came to know that this amazing gadget from the company works on android v2.3 (gingerbread) operation system which runs with the help of a 1.4GHz Dual Core ARM Cortex-A9 Processor.

And believe me this is not all, as while using this handset you will find many more features in it with the help of which you will be able to proceed with your work more easily. For example this mobile comes with an huge 5.3 inch HD super AMOLED touchscreen (biggest when we talk about smart phones) with the help of which viewing your pictures and videos would become a real fun, and it also helps you in working more activity on the various functions available on it.

Availability of an 8 mega pixel camera with LED flash is a feature which will attract most of those people who are very much interest in photography as with this handset there is no need of carrying an extra load of a digital camera with you every where you go, plus to add in the bonus you can find a 2 mega pixel front facing camera in this Samsung mobile phone as well with the help of which you can proceed with your 3G talks.

There is no doubt that, there are number of features in this Samsung galaxy note but to know them all you have to use it yourself. And I am pretty sure that after using it once you would definitely love to have this mobile phone with yourself.

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