Divorce is one of the most stressful experiences in one's lifetime. The presence of children makes it more difficult to handle. One of the most important decisions that has to be made quickly after the divorce is with whom the child will live. Unfortunately in most of the cases the divorce ends in the form of a bitter rivalry among the parents. A bitter rivalry among the parents only affects the life of the children and they are the most suffered ones. The parents who are unable to come to an appropriate decision can consult a highly experienced and skilled child custody attorney. There are different types of custody such as legal, physical, joint legal, joint physical, etc. While deciding custody of your children a fair and balanced settlement should always be the top priority of the parents.

Physical custody means the parent with whom the child lives most of the time whereas the legal custody is generally given to the parent who will decide about health care, education along with consultation of the other parent. In several cases both the parents share the legal custody equally.

An adept professional ensures that the whole procedure of getting child in the right person's custody goes smoothly, fairly and without any kind of hassle. An experienced lawyer in child support cases keeps himself updated with all the latest information. A highly trained child custody lawyer provides you with fair and best legal representation along with a quick and timely settlement. The skilled professional handles all sorts of custody issues and thus ensures that fairness is maintained and the right decision for the children is made. A child custody lawyer is proficient enough in presenting accurate evidences on your behalf such as your past participation in extra-curricular activities with your children, your familiarity with children's progress in school and their teachers, etc.

Searching online can prove to be beneficial. While searching the internet you can visit the websites of the shortlisted lawyers. After going through their websites you can compare the services and thus you can make an informed decision. However you can also ask your friends and family for referrals.

Before selecting an appropriate child custody lawyer it is advisable to go through the lawyer's website and browse through his services completely. Ensure whether he has experience in practicing family law or not as there are several fake individuals who just claim to practice family law. Enquire about the number of successful child custody cases solved by the lawyer including the years in practice in the child custody cases. Also make sure that you go for lawyer who has solid experience representing both men and women in child custody cases. Look for a lawyer that takes into account the child's interest and actually thinks about the child. It is advisable to schedule an appointment for initial consultation. During the consultation you can come to know whether you feel compatible with the attorney or not. You can also get an idea about his or her legal opinion.

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