Every individual holds within, an incredibly powerful recipe for leadership. With passion, focus, determination and a belief in the power of the self, the awesome giant will be freed

How great would it be if the world was brimming with positive and powerful leaders! What if many of the leaders actually took notice of the people, rather than their own (fragile) egos?
How incredible would it be if there were loads of respectful, compassionate and gracious leaders who found their purpose through enriching and empowering the lives of others?
In my life I’ve worked with some extraordinary, positive and visionary leaders: Others unfortunately, fell well short. They were followers, masquerading as leaders. Many of them were thrust into those positions, knowing full well they had neither the skills nor the experience to be in the role.
A leader need not always be at the front. However, through their positive, life-enriching actions they empower and enrich others to find the confidence to take the lead and forge paths into the future. The leader can stand proudly behind, watching others rise to positions of prominence. These are just some of the core values of a Conscience-based (Ethical) Leader.
To empower and enrich the workplace, I created my '7 Piers of Conscience Based (Ethical)Leadership' initiative. It's designed to opens powerful pathways to success
The following four points are fundamental aspects of that program. They're designed to enrich your life and assist you to become a powerful and positive influence in the lives of others.

1. Deliver with compassion:
- Treat all employees as true, positive and contributing team members
- Be respectful of others, no matter the circumstances
- Exercise compassion when dealing with staff members
- Understand that others too, are facing challenges in their lives

2. Inspire others to Embrace their Vision:
- Have respect for others
- Give them room to grow and develop
- Offer selfless assistance
- Congratulate and reward input and effort

3. Nurture Enduring Relationships:
- Encourage a strong/positive working environment
- Allow inspiration to flourish
- Foster and encourage freedom of speech
- Support positive growth and development.

4. Yearn for Profound Awakenings:
- Connect with your passion and refuse to embrace failure
- Act with integrity
- Smile every day and communicate positively
- Never go to bed angry

Each of us has the innate capacity to be an exceptional leader: With the ability to assist so many people to be fulfilled in their lives. We carry the power and fire within. Irrespective of who we are or what has impacted our lives, we have countless opportunities to build an astonishing future for ourselves and all who depend upon us.
Often you can find yourself in a follower’s role simply through default. However, in the end it’s up to you to take control of your life and grasp the position you want. Opportunities come along every day. When you’re focused and optimistic, you will begin to see them and systematically capitalize on those moments to take control.
If you labor in a job you detest or covet a specific position, start to take the action necessary to secure it. Undertake the studies necessary or gain the experience to support you in the quest. Ask questions and research the company. They are all positive steps to ensure you’re moving in the right direction.
Show the strength of character and confidence to move into the position of your choice. Ensure you have all your steps in place and begin the process of moving forward with greater confidence and enthusiasm.
Take small steps and continue building your amazing future, one action; one component; one moment at a time.
There is no better time than right now to make up your mind to be an extraordinary force for good in the global community.
Imagine the possibilities ....

Author's Bio: 

Kieran Revell is a Conscience-based (Ethical) Leadership Consultant and Speaker: A Coach, Mentor and Author.

Kieran empowers large organizations, small/medium enterprises (SMEs), non-profits and individuals through his unique programs and initiatives. They are designed to improve workplace harmony, elevate confidence, re-ignite enthusiasm, empowering individuals to be the very best they can.

The results can have an extraordinary, life-changing, snowball effect across the family unit and the wider global community.