People often ask me if I would take a walk with them. In general, I say no, because my daily walk is my sacred time to connect with nature. It is my version of going to church. I spend time communing with the elements and all the Beings that surround me and it is truly a Divine experience. When I am with others, I cannot "hear" what these Beings are trying to tell me as I am idly chit-chatting and cannot focus on the joyful active meditation. So, unless I am teaching my Meditation and Nature Walk Class I usually walk alone.

Sometimes, it is a particular rock that tells me it is time to turn back and go home. Even if I don't feel tired, I make certain to heed to the rock's advice for inevitably by the time I return home my legs, feet and body as a whole are wiped out.

There are times when I notice a particular color, shape or action and these things are messages for me too. If, for example, I notice the color green more than any other, I know that my heart chakra, which reverberates with the color green, needs some attention. If I notice triangles, I deem this as a metaphor for the balance between mind, body and Spirit. When I am captivated by the ground, I know it is time for me to do some grounding and when I can't keep my eyes off the sky, I pay attention to my Spirit. Everywhere I turn there is a message for me to take note of and I am a willing student.

Two days ago, I made an exception and took a walk with a friend. It was honestly the most beautiful path I have been on in Sedona. I loved it. Unfortunately, as I already knew, with the exception of when we practiced focused meditations together, I could not "hear" the incoming messages coming my way. I was too distracted.

So, yesterday I made another journey through the same path once again by myself. While I received many downloads from the Universe, the one that stuck out the most for me came from the many mesquite plants. You may be familiar with mesquite as the wood is often used for cooking. It is a relatively smokeless wood that adds an incredibly rich aroma to BBQ foods...and I love its flavor.

There are various ways nature speaks to us and on this day every time I saw a mesquite plant it radiated a vibrant flourescent green. When I see something emanating a bright color that doesn't seem to be of this Earth, I know that it is Spirit's way of informing me to pay attention...and so I did. I closed my eyes to ask the mesquite what lesson I had to learn on this day. It showed me in my mind's eye the plant above ground with its endless roots burying their way through the Earth. In response, I said in my mind, "Ah, thank you. I understand. I need to ground myself." So, I spent a moment in quiet contemplation visualizing the roots of the mesquite attached to the bottom of my feet intertwining through the rich soil of Mother Earth and as I did so, I felt her gentle embrace around my Spirit and my physical body. Before I completed my meditation, I was told to look up the symbolism of mesquite after I arrived home.

As I began the trek homeward, I observed the bees prancing around the flowering mesquite plants. The flowers of the mesquite were all bell-shaped and I took that as a sign to pay attention to my clairaudient skills. Clairaudience is our psychic hearing. When we hear things psychically messages can be heard in our ears or minds or we can receive messages from a person who is speaking to us. These people are inadvertantly serving as a Universal messenger. I took a mental note of this and continued onward.

About an hour later, a friend of mine mentioned to me that she just discovered the healing powers of mesquite honey for allergies. She did not know about my experience with the mesquite earlier. She was simply serving as another avenue for the Universe to speak to me, for I have allergies too and now I feel compelled to try the honey.

What fascinated me most about all this is that I usually think of the roots of trees burying themselves deeply into the ground and my logical mind didn't understand why it decided to show me the mesquite plant. However, after arriving home I discovered online that the roots of the mesquite often digs thirty feet under the surface. I laughed as I read this, because, of course, my Spirit already knew this to be true, it was simply my egoic mind that was doing the questioning. Thankfully, even though ego showed its face to me for a moment, I honored Spirit and listened to its Eternal Wisdom.

Often times, people ask me if the message they are receiving is real. Without fail, I respond enthusiastically, "It's real!" Our Western way of thinking has made us lose faith in the wisdom of nature, but when we take a moment and listen we can learn much more than from any book or teacher. All we have to do is be open to the Universe.

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Thank you for reading and Namaste! (The Light in me recognizes the Light in you!)

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Lisa Tunney is a metaphysician with an accessible approach. She has been described as “Sex and the City meets the Dalai Lama”. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree from U.C. Berkeley and a Master’s Degree in Metaphysics from the American Institute of Holistic Theology. Additionally, she is a Reiki Master, Shamanic Practitioner, Intuition Development Teacher, Philosopher and author of the upcoming inspirational books, Blossoming Butterfly and The Seed Planter. Through the various avenues of teaching she pursues, she integrates laughter, intuition, storytelling, and most importantly, it is her goal to help guide others to listen to their own Inner Wisdom.