If you are in the disappointing position of having just finished your A levels but not achieved the necessary grades needed to progress into higher education, or your desired career, you may feel you have no choice but to cut your losses, and find another job not associated with your current education. While this situation is undoubtedly a shame, it is by no means irreparable, in fact retaking A levels and resetting exams is a remarkably easy process which thousands of people of all ages undertake throughout the UK every year.

Many famous people have made the choice to go back and retake their exams. Whether they have failed, dropped out, or simply bypassed education for a career in entertainment, a large number of celebrities have realized the benefits of completing their education and returned to their studies.

Mark Wahlberg
As one of today’s most popular Hollywood actors, Mark Wahlberg may have a string of hit movies behind him, but as a rebellious teenager he failed to graduate high school. He recently announced his regret and intends to go back and earn his high school diploma.

Emma Watson
Being one of the highest paid child stars of all time, Emma Watson had a readymade acting career to walk into, but instead she wisely took some time out to complete her A levels, and later went to university.

Just months after giving birth to her daughter, Beyonce chose to return to education and gain her high school General Equivalency Diploma (GED). She dropped out of school at age 15 to focus on her singing career, but never forgot the intellectual benefits that an academic education can provide.

This Columbian singer may be one of the most successful pop artists of recent years with record sales in excess of 20 million, but Shakira went back to back education to gain an English degree to better improve her understanding of the language, and sharpen her communication skills.

Steven Spielberg
When the Oscar winning director announced at the age of 55 that he planned to return to the film degree he dropped out from decades earlier, you’d be forgiven for thinking he might not be entirely serious, but apparently Spielberg genuinely regrets not finishing his degree. Unsurprisingly he soon achieved his goal.

Bill Cosby
Before he became a moral figure and purveyor in the importance of education, Bill Cosby dropped out of school and went to work in the navy. Shortly after going to work he realized his mistake and went back to high school studies, later achieving his desired qualifications.

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