The incidences of cancer patients are on the rise in both urban and rural provinces. The fact that this disease is prevalent in all age groups only shows that it does not discriminate. My grandmother was diagnosed with 4th stage pancreatic cancer. They told us that the cancer was spreading very aggressively and if we didn’t take action soon, it would be hard to treat later on. We had been to many hospitals but could not find a satisfying solution. It was later that a friend of my grandmother who was also treated for pancreatic cancer told us about the great oncologists that are present in the Rajiv Gandhi Hospital. She gave us the number of the doctor that had treated her and went to see him in his office in the Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital.

We were very given a detailed overview of the cancer treatment plan and after seeing the report the doctor said that we should admit her soon. As we had built a rapport with the doctor we felt comfortable trusting him with our grandma and money needed for the treatment. She was admitted a couple of days later and after a few tests, we were told that the chances of her surviving are 50-50 as cancer had made the pancreas almost useless. She was under constant care given by the staff and nurses and we remember them being very helpful throughout the treatment.
As a family, we were given counselling and a basic overview of the treatment. They frequently updated the course of action and what all they are doing to make sure our grandmother lives through this. We were amazed to see the attention to detail and passion of everyone involved in the treatment as they truly cared about their patients. After the tests, they conducted the successful surgery. They told us that they had to remove the whole organ but it should be manageable with a lot of medicines and selective food habits. Post-operation care was also top-notch as she was given medical counselling for her mental well being. She was a bit reluctant at first but after a few days, she was friends with all of the nurses in that ward. Manu nurses came up to us and said that our grandmother was a joy to be around and we were also seeing this side of her after a long time. We were absolutely delighted that she had been rid of cancer and had started being herself now.

With my personal experience, I can definitely say that most of the negative Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute Delhi Feedback is misleading and only a way to malign the image of the Institute. The patient feedback at Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute from our side was very positive and we would recommend anyone who faces a similar dilemma to go knocking on their doors without any doubt.

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