Each one of us knows to what extent the human experience can be hard and painful. And most of us try to live our lives doing their best to avoid painful experiences and to look for those that feel pleasurable. We tend to forget that the more we try to avoid pain and run away from it, the more we actually suffer. And we end up being caught up in this way of experience.

90%, 95% even 98% of everything in our life may be perfectly fine, yet we manage to focus on the tiny percentage that according to our standards of judgment is not working well. Whenever we are blessed with joy, happiness, love and laughter, we find ways to sabotage it and to return to our well-accustomed pains and sorrows. How did we get into this way of living our lives? How will we ever get out?

To get right to the point: Suffering in all its forms, always has to do with resistance. And we automatically resist our experience as long as we are governed by fear.

Why are we governed by fear?
Because that is what happens when we move out of alignment with ourselves.

How do we get ourselves out of alignment?
By not being OK with who we are.

And why are we not OK with who we are? Because that is what we´ve been taught since our early childhood.
From a very early age, we´ve been told again and again that being who we truly are is not enough. Instead of learning to acknowledge the Divine within us, we´ve been taught to look for fulfillment outside of us, be it through religion or any type of achievement we had to accomplish in order to feel accepted. Instead of being OK with all that we feel and experience, we´ve been taught to always look for experiences that are well-accepted and avoid those that are not.

We haven´t been taught only through words, but as well through example. The current mindset of humanity is still based on resistance and as children we simply absorb and mimick this way of being and functioning without truly being aware of it. By resisting who we are and what we experience, we are never fully alive. Our hearts feel constricted, our creative flow is blocked, our inner light is dimmed and shut down.

Resistance as an attitude towards life is based on a number of assumptions concerning who we are, which could be summarized as follows: I am what I experience. I am my body and my personality. My thoughts, feelings and experiences define me.

Even if we don´t agree with these assumptions reading them like that, they are still deeply ingrained within our unconscious minds. If we were truly aware at each moment that none of our experiences make us better or worse or define us in any way, that nothing what happens in our lives is truly happening to us, but only to our bodies and personalities, life could not be this journey of suffering and drama we´re constantly turning it into.

How would your life be different if you didn´t resist the sadness lingering within, trying to cover it up with all sorts of distraction?

How would it feel like not to have a problem with feeling angry or fearful anymore, but to truly be in the midst of all of these experiences knowing that none of it has the power of making you less or wrong?

We often look at spirituality as something outside of every day life, some sort of extravaganza that one day we might turn our attention to. But being connected to Spirit is nothing more than fully being alive as a human being, for we truly are spiritual beings living a human

What that means, is that there isn´t anything in the spectrum of human experiences that could be termed unspiritual. Not feeling anger. Not feeling sadness or fear. Not feeling unworthiness or undeserving. All of these experiences are valid. They make us human and they are expressions of Spirit.

All that they´re here for is to be experienced so that they can continue to flow and dissolve. There is only one way for you to stop this flow, which is to resist it and try to escape from it. You do not have to do this anymore. It´s time to remember the infinite nature of your being and to fully own the fact that nothing in your experience can diminish in any way whatsoever who you truly are.

Author's Bio: 

Benedikt Dommes is a pioneer in the field of bliss coaching, an expert in inner peace, and a gifted author, mainly in the field of spirituality and self-development. His first language is German, but he is equally at ease with English and French.
To learn more about his work, go to his website www.benediktdommes.com or email him directly at info@benediktdommes.com