There are many software languages used by designer while developing software. As time progresses, there are advancements made in the field of technology. One can see several new programming languages coming up in market to offer developers a helping hand. These languages bring along with them several facilities to make it easy for a software development company to design and develop customized software.

One of the common programming languages is Java. This language has brought a large number of benefits for software development providers. A few of them as follows:

• User-friendly: Java is simple to use. It is user-friendly language that is not only easy to learn but also easy to write, compile and debug. One of the major characteristics of Java is that it uses automatic memory allocation and garbage collection.
• Object-oriented: Java is object-oriented language. It is centered on creating objects ad manipulating them that make objects work together. It helps in creating modular programs and reusable codes, an important aspect that is useful in designing of web solutions.
• Platform Independent: it is one of the most important advantages of this language. It has ability to move easily from one computer to another. This feature to run the program on different systems is crucial to world wide software and Java is pretty successful in it, being platform-independent, both at source and at binary level.
• Distributed computing: It involves several computers on network working together. This language is specifically designed to make distributed computing easy with networking capability integrated into it. Network program in Java is very easy to write, similar to sending and receiving data to and from a file. It is therefore, used in software development.
• Java is interpreted: in order to run Java programs, an interpreter is required. These programs are compiled into Java virtual machine code, called bytecode. It is a machine independent code that is able to run on any machines with Java interpreter. These program need to be compiled only once. Bytecode generated by Java compiler can operate on any platform.
• Reliable language: it is a reliable language that focuses on checking possible errors. Its compiler is able to detect errors that could show up during execution time.
• Multithreaded language: Java has the capability to perform several tasks simultaneously within a program, as multithreaded programming has been integrated into it. On the other hand, other languages have to call in system-specific procedures to enable multithreading. It is a necessity in visual and networking programming.
• Security: The first programming language that considered security, as a part of its design is Java. The language along with compiler, interpreter and runtime environment were developed, keeping security concerns in mind. A software development company takes it as a benefit in using it in designing of various applications.

All the above stated benefits have helped software development providers in designing customized solutions for their customers. These web solutions are helpful in enhancing business productivity and making tasks easier. Java language also helps in designing of mobile applications.

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