We all had dreams as a child, or something we just loved to do. Some of those we remember, and others have been lost to the ages. The ones we seem to have lost, are really only a flash back away. We need only dust off the mirror and look into our past, to recall those thoughts we had, to remember the dreams of days gone by.

The dreams we had as a child play an intricate role in our life purpose and our life lessons. When I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life, what my purpose was my spiritual teachers kept suggesting I go back to my childhood. They told me that my dreams had clues in them, the things that made me happy inside as a child were indications of what my purpose was here on earth. They did not suggest that I must dwell in my childhood, or what happened to me in any situations. I was simply to go back take a look from a place of detachment, get a sense of my dreams and the importance they have in today, and move forward with that information.
We often start to lose touch with those childhood dreams because we can’t seem to find an adult that will support it, or validate it. We are told that it would not work, or that we could not make money from that. These comments from the adults in our lives come from a place of fear that they have, or, were taught. The comments build limiting beliefs in us, blocking us from seeing the potential and possibilities we can create in our lives. As we lose sight of the dream we lose sight of our purpose here. As we get older we tend to focus on making money and paying bills, until one day we wake up and realize something is missing in our lives.
On a recent drive with a friend I was reminded of a few things from my childhood, that make perfect sense to my life as an adult, to which I had never made the connection. As an adult I love doing renovations and fixing up houses, I have always wanted to fix up an old farm house. Well, on this drive, which took us along the lake road that I travelled many times as a child, I saw an old falling down home. I recalled seeing that house, and many like it in my childhood travels and seeing the potential in them. I recall seeing myself working on the house, seeing how my partner and I would bring it back to life. I find it somewhat coincidental that this would come to me now, with my house for sale and me looking at other prospects.
Another reminder that came to me this week was how my body feels when I am near the lake. I find that almost instantaneously I feel in complete rhythm with my inner self when I hear and feel the waves along the shore. I grew up at the lake, I guess it was something I took for granted, but when I moved away, I found myself feeling out of sync. It took me a while to realize the reason behind this feeling, in fact it was when I was able to visit the lake again that I was able to feel the connection I had with the waves. Like I said my short journeys this week brought this reminder back to life for me.
You may ask yourself, how is it that we go back to our childhood to get these answers? How do we know that the answers we think we get are the right ones? The answer that comes to mind first is, don’t stress about it. I know for me there was a long period of time when I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life, what my purpose was. It was on my mind constantly, the wheels were turning searching for answers until finally I was so stressed, I told myself it was time to let it go and simply wait for the answer to come to me. When looking for our life’s path or purpose the best advice is to do what is put in front of us each and every day with purpose, and we will begin to attract what it is we are meant to be doing. Simply let go of the quest and it will come to us. As we relax and these answers start to come to us, our role is to trust them. As we trust these ideas and start acting on them more will be revealed to us. If we sit and continually question ourselves we will find ourselves stuck in a rut of wonder. Our minds do not have the answers, our hearts do. Let go of your minds quest to find the answers and sit in silence listening to and trusting your heart.
Meditation is a great way to go back to our younger years, our early dreams and recall the information that will help us today. Meditation is the discipline of quieting the mind, and listening to the heart. There is no right or wrong way of meditating, anyone can do it and get results with practice. Meditation is inviting spirit to awaken the body through the breath. The more you can relax your mind and body, the more you will benefit from the time spent in meditation. You can set a new intention for each time or you can use the same one over and over until you have the answers you are looking for. You can spend anywhere from a few moments to a few hours in meditation, you have complete control. There are many guided meditations available for those who would like some assistance in getting to that place of complete relaxation. In fact there is one available on my website. The good thing about meditation is the more you do it the more you benefit.
Are their memories you have lost touch with? Are you feeling out of sync with who you really are? Are you stuck in a rut of wonder? Take a journey back to those early dreams, those early happy places, and get back in touch with your purpose.

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Jenn Prothero is a certified Angel Therapy Practitioner, and Intuitive Life Coach, an Energy Healer, Crystal Healer, Author, Teacher and Radio Personality. She enjoys assisting those along their journey in life whether it be by coaching, teaching or healing.

She is the new author of the children's book, Fairies Teach Forgiveness, a story book with amazing illustrations that teaches children and adults all about forgiveness so that they can live in harmony with themselves and others.

Jenn offers workshops both in her local area, Chatham Ontario, or via tele class, she is also available to travel to speak with your group. She can create a workshop for any particular need from relationships, to releasing fear, or releasing baggage, to reducing stress in our lives. Each group is separate and their needs will be different, therefor the workshops are flexible.

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