Taking a long holiday can sometimes feel like too much (or not enough, sometimes!), I have found myself enjoying more and more shorter breaks rather than waiting six months at a time for weekly to ten day holidays. This way I am able to have about 10 long weekend breaks and take off a day from work on the Friday or Monday for recovering, normalising or getting back home!

These shorter holidays mean you can really get stuck into a place, say head to a town and truly enjoy it, not get bored because your there for a shorter time and at the same time you're not just popping in for some food then heading off again so you can truly appreciate the area. Let us not lose sight of the fact that you also get a load more short holidays - which I've no doubt will keep you looking forward to the next long weekend.

If I were to spend a weekend in Cornwall, I would probably drive as far as I can until there is no road remaining and all I can see in front of my vehicle was the open sea, on this note Cornwall provides a perfect opportunity to look at renting a vehicle for your trip, once your here there are plenty of options.

Your options here are campervans, cars or the humble motorcycle. I would personally not feel to confortable traveling on some of the smaller country lanes in Cornwall - a larger vehicles provides some protection in this respect, and air bags - should anything happen.

A car would give you the freedom to drive between towns, beaches and attractions and the network is not to bad in this respect. Ultimately though one of the best ways to truly see Cornwall is in a campervan or caravan, you get the freedom of a car and so much more! Consider that you are able to stop anywhere you want to, pretty much and set up for the evening, sleeping in a secure vehicle and saving money on the cost of accommodation, Cornwall is notorious during the summer for having expensive accommodation which is often fully booked!

Having a weekend break in Cornwall in a campervan is more of a lifestyle choice than anything else and really gets you as close to natural Cornwall as is possible, you can hit the beaches, the moors, the towns or quaint villages, it is up to you.

On the off chance that you are looking to spend a bit more time in beautiful Cornwall, I would recommend travelling the entire coast line of Cornwall starting on the north coast and heading all the way around the south, west and east coasts, there are so many little places of interest including fishing villages, castles, towns, beaches, coastline to name just a few of Cornwall's many great attractions.

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