The use of a fence is to safeguard property. When one has a big house or a farm, it is possible the property extends over a large area. Constructing a wall around the entire property may be a good idea but putting up a fence is cheaper and faster. So, it is a good idea because you will be able to give protection for your property as soon as you have bought it.

Dimensions of the fence wire

There are many kinds of fences in use today. The most popular one is a barbed wire fence. This has barbs along the length of the wire fence. The thickness of the barbs varies and is usually 1.8mm thick. This is double strand, double dipped wire that works out to either 17.5 kg per roll or 28.5 kg per roll. The barb spacing is 4 inches (10-12mm) and the length of the wire is 25 meters. You can get the exact specification from the website of the Chain Link Fence Manufacturers.

Spacing of posts for fence

Galvanizing the wires helps improve the life of the wire. Barbed wire fencing costs between $700 and $3500. Most of the rolls come in lengths of 1320 feet. To cover about 1 acre of land you will need about 1000 feet of wire. We have to stretch the wires so that there is no more than 3 inches of sag between the posts. The posts are placed about 10-12 feet apart. Line posts are spaced 50-60 feet apart. The perimeter of one acre of land will be 834.8 linear feet exactly. But, you must always have something more to account for wastage.

The stainless steel fence

We have many types of wire fences in use. The most durable one is the stainless steel wire fence. This lasts longer than PVC coated or galvanized wire fences. This is due to the inherent property of stainless steel to resist corrosion. So, when we want long life, we use stainless steel fences. You can order the fence from the Galvanized Barbed Wire Manufacturers Gujarat as they are the leading supplier of fences in the region.

Fencing for barren land

For small property that does not need much security like a chicken coop or an enclosure for a barren land, we can use PVC coated fencing or even crimped wire fencing. This will work out cheap and we can install the fencing easily. All we need to do is install posts around the property and then hang the fence on this. This is easy and we can do it without much outside help.

A hexagonal wire fencing is strong and offers much space between the wire strands. You will be able to see the property from anywhere and so this improves the safety aspect. It is made of twisting carbon steel wire that may be hot dipped galvanized or electro galvanized type. We can make them into gabion boxes. Make a gabion to build a wall or a protection near the water. At times, the hexagonal wire meshes are used for construction reinforcement. We can also use it as fencing for poultry.

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