Teaching English abroad is a rewarding experience that can allow you to visit different areas of the world while still earning an income. By taking a TEFL course Cambridge, you can prepare yourself to competitively enter the job market for a position teaching English in another country. In addition to teaching you the skills needed to instruct students in a classroom setting, the company that offers the TEFL course may be able to help you find employment. English teachers are hired by non-profit organizations and foreign companies to teach their students the language. You may find a job tutoring students, or you could be in charge of a classroom full of students eager to learn English.


When you successfully complete a TEFL course Cambridge, you will be able to list the TEFL certification on your resume. Courses can be certified by the TEFL accrediting commission, so it may be important to ensure you are choosing a course taught by a certified company. Listing the certification on your resume can make it stand out among the resumes of other applicants.

Some TEFL course companies are able to offer students a guaranteed position. This is possible because the course company may have cultivated a relationship with a number of organizations in a variety of countries. Placement in a position is typically offered on a volunteer basis, allowing students schedule flexibility and the ability to choose where they want to work.

Teaching Experience

While you may be a native English speaker, you may not have previous experience teaching the language to others. With a TEFL course Cambridge, you will learn to instruct both children and adults. As it may have been a number of years since you learned the rules of grammar, the TEFL course will help you relearn the ins and outs of the English language.

A TEFL course can allow you to experience what it is like to each English in a classroom first-hand , as the course company can set up training sessions with real students, in addition to providing you with classroom instruction. When you have the opportunity to work with actual students before entering the field, you can learn the right way to control classroom dynamics, allowing you to help your own students learn to speak English.

If you have been considering spending a significant amount of time in another country, a TEFL course Cambridge can enable you to fund your trip and learn an important skill-set that can be applied to a variety of other professions. To find out more about the opportunities a TEFL course can open up for you, contact a TEFL course company today.

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