Scarcity of water is often being put in the list of problems that India is facing today. Undoubtedly, this is one of the serious concerns for many people and is also related to the issue of population rise in the recent years. Every now and then, India water news is in discussion in electronic media and newsprint. The issue has a national importance and therefore it is high time that Indian water companies started churning out plans to improve the condition.

The execution also has to be perfect because the future years would be bleaker if water is not conserved. Plenty of activities are being planned these days, both by the private companies as well as by government organisations. Things like wastewater treatment, desalination, etc. are being talked about and some encouraging efforts are also being made.

Companies are trying to import and manufacture equipment indigenously which will help in the desalination process. Industries are being encouraged to utilise their waste water and also harvest rainwater for their use. One can find such information in the India water news on a regular basis.

But the real business of Indian water companies is probably from the selling of bottled water. They are taking a step further by manufacturing machines and equipments for water purification at bottling units. Presently, there are many companies that are making bottled water available to people. But the cost has not come down due to reason of companies taking up profits. Also, the raw materials required for the process doesn’t come at a cheap cost and there is no subsidisation by the government.

Indian water industry is in urgent need of low cost bottling units because a majority of metropolises in India are dependent on bottled water for daily drinking. In a situation where an average Indian is in dire strait for consumption of water, the poorer sections of people are further deprived of clean water. The other chores are perhaps not possible in clean conditions for them.

To provide people with adequate drinking water, the purification instruments need to be promoted by the India water business. More companies should manufacture and provide machines, so that it brings down the monopoly of a few companies. Efforts are required for making such equipments where the cost of purification is minimal and they are available in sufficient quantities. This would allow people to help in the purification process of the water which is supplied to them, so that they can at least avail clean drinking water.

India water business has a lot of potential to improve but it has to be taken up by enterprising people as has been done in the field of technology. Investments are required in the initial stage so that, once the process continues smoothly, there will not be any need of additional finances. The revenues generated in this manner could then be utilised to further improve the water condition of the country and at least make an effort to provide healthy and clean water for people all over the country.

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