Everything you say and do should have a loving undertone to it. Every single word spoken to your mate, co-worker, or stranger should be with the mindset of talking to yourself. By this I mean, how do you like being spoken to? Are you short fused with others? How would you like to be spoken to like that? Or, how would you like being treated that particular way?

Everyone has bad days, but the key to it is not to pass on that negativity to others. Take 5 minutes, clear your head and start off from a better place. Your day will improve and others will notice.

Have you ever walked into a business and been waited on by a person that doesn’t like their job? It makes you not want to be there. It makes you wonder why that person is working there. Or better yet, why the owner has not fired that person? When that person waits on you, you can feel the tension and frustration. You can actually feel that the person is fighting with all their mite just to be there. Would they rather be with their friends right now, or just doing nothing? Was there a quarrel with a fellow employee or the boss? Regardless, you can still feel the tension. This person has snippy responses to your questions, they hurry you up so that you leave the store sooner and they can get back to doing nothing. There are happy that way, spread the misery, then get back and recoup for more mayhem.

Here’s what could happen. You could ask for the manager and not deal with that person at all. After so many marks against that employee, they would be let go. But also on the other hand, if that employee would be let go, you might be helping that person. If they were stuck in a miserable job, you would be forcing them to do something else with their life. This person does not appreciate their job. You have to express your gratitude for life in everything you do; this is one of those means.

If that person was let go of their job duties they have alternate paths to take. Their choice should come from the heart, and it is from there that their decision should be made. That person didn't have any feeling left in their heart, whatever circumstance they had, has taken that away. The next phase of that person’s life will be so important. If this person chooses to go back to school, find a different job, or move somewhere else, these can have a profound effect on his/her life. That person should choose a path based on self-love. He/she has to love their self to know what is good and bad for them. Every thought and action should be done in a loving manner, and each path should be chosen in a loving way.

It is when a path is chosen in an unloving way that it ends up to be the wrong path. If a wrong path is chosen, you have to learn from it quickly so you can choose a different course. Whichever path taken leads to another lesson, it is up to each one of us to learn from it.

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