In the modern world, gold chains are among the most prestigious valuables to men. However, there are diverse types of gold chains depending on the structure and the quality of gold used in the making of the chain.Cable Gold, Rope, Italian Figaro and Curb gold are some of the most common gold chain structures in the market. The Cable Gold chains are however the most common, keeping in mind that they are the oldest chain structure type. You can find mens gold chains designs with price on websites like candere.

Simple links are interconnected to form a wearable chain or a medallion. On the other hand, the cable gold chains are more complex, made from links that may vary in size or shape. The Rope Gold chains have their name derived from their structure, which is very similar to a real rope. Since they are made using many links, they make the strongest chains.

However, they are the least flexible. The Italian Figaro chains are one of the most fascinating. The chain has diversified links joined together. One would wonder why the price of the chains would vary from one to another. The price is usually set depending on the amount and quality of gold used to make the chain. Gold is measured in a unit called Karat. The maximum Karat composition of gold is set at twenty four. However, gold is a very soft and delicate metal.

Most chains are made from gold mixed with other metals so as to make them stronger. To determine the price of the chain, those with a very high composition of gold, and a lesser composition of other metals would be more expensive as compared to a chain which has less gold composition. To illustrate, in terms of the units, a chain which has a karat composition of twenty would be more expensive compared to one which is at fifteen karat. Gold chains are also categorized according to the amount of karat they contain. For example, there are Solid Gold chains.

These chains are made from pure gold and they are not mixed with any other metal. In other words, these chains contain 24 karat gold. They are very delicate but they are also the most valuable because of the gold composition. Another type is the Filled Gold Chains. They may appear to be pure gold but they are not. Gold is melted and mixed with other metals.

The final product is a chain that looks has the gold color and look, but it is not pure gold. The third type are the Plated Gold Chains. These are the cheapest and most available gold chains in the market. Unlike the Filled gold chains, the plated chains are simply other metals which have been coated using a small amount of gold. The process is similar to the process of plating cars. An example of men’s gold chain with price is the Victor Gold chain which costs Rs 53,085. It is always advisable to look out for the quality and composition of gold used in the making of a particular chain before purchasing it.

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