Singapore, famous for its strengths around the world, is a modern addition to the combination of many civilizations and traditions. Tourism in dazzling Singapore with large buildings is a memorable experience.

Our journey started from Bangkok to Singapore was one and a half hours. Our excursion was divided into 2 parts there. For the first 4 days, 3 nights on the cruise and the rest 2 days for the city of Singapore. We stepped on the land of Singapore. Our colossal ship 'Super Star Vergo' was tied on the harbor. There were long lines in between. After passing through the investigation process, we got permission to get inside the ship.

We were allocated the cabin located on the 9th floor. We were given boarding passes which were our identities. There were 13 floors on this ship. After reading the outline of programs that will be held in our cabin, we found that there are separate shows on each floor. Dance, songs, magic shows etc. There were 3 restaurants in our package, among which we could have food.

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To enjoy the show at 11 o'clock in the night, my husband, his bro and sis came out of their own cabin and entered the hall. There was a good crowd of people there. At that stage, five youths from different countries came out on stage. They had to give up their partner by a sexy dance. Everyone tried to rectify their partner by provocative expressions in their own way. Out of these five, the youngest Australian man was beaten. Many Indian couples were here to celebrate honeymoon. Most of the people were from Gujarat, Punjab and Delhi.

The next day the ship was to stay at the Kuala Lumpur port. We wanted to rest on that day, so we did not buy tickets.

We took stock of the ship all day long. Facilities on 13th floor including swimming pool, jacuzzi bath etc. were available. Australians and Chinese were enjoying the watershed and there were crowds of Indian food stalls.

Standing on the deck, the sight of the vast river stretch extends far enough to provide satisfaction.

The show at 11 o'clock that night was different from last night's show. Organizers called some boys from the cruise on stage. After that, invited the girls from the audience to the stage. The girls had to put salt on the chest of a cruise boy and had to lick with the tongue. No Indian girl came forward. Aussie, Chinese and Swedish girls came forward. In his own way, he took part in that provocative game. Swollen rhythms and voices began to rise.

There was also a casino on the cruise. Whatever there was a different world and the world's eyes were different. Some people were going to Malaysia from here.

The next day we chose the Phuket Tour. It comes to Thailand, but we went to Singapore via Via Spout. At 11 o'clock we landed at the port. While walking on the sand we reached the bus. By bus, we reached the Phuket. Phuket is the same city which had been devastated by tsunami waves some years ago. Seeing this, no one can say that it was ever a victim of the intensity of the waves.

We reached a little distance from the boat. We descend from the boat and sit in the banana-shaped small kayak 'Banana boat'. We entered the cave by boat. There were 3 caves in the center of the sea. Due to the high waves of the ocean, we got permission to go into 2 caves. When we entered the first cave, the darkness inside was dark. Sailor riding on our boat burnt the torch and showed us the bat opposite to the roof of the cave. The eyes of the bats in the darkness of darkness were scary.

After this, we entered the second cave. Some tourists started swimming in the ocean and started enjoying swimming. We got down from 'Banana boat' and sat in my big boat. Now there was a lot of hunger. Lunch was ready. We broke down on food. We were quite tired.
Our ship was running in the water towards the destination and the waves were rolling back. This is our return to Singapore from here.

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We got off the deck and came back to our cabin. After dinner, at 11 o'clock on the 'Canova show' ticket was purchased. Most of the attendees there used to buy tickets for the show.

At 11 o'clock the Canova show began. The Lover Boy named Casanova was present on the stage with a fitted rope in the traditional garment. In the background, the songs of songs were creating an entertaining atmosphere.

The viewers were getting enchanted. Slowly 8 Russian girls came to the Topless Ho Forum. Then started Urvashi, Rambha, Maneka and performing his choreography. At the end of the show, the stadium applause and the voices of the voices lifted In the morning we woke up late We had to pack today.

We got ready to go to the restaurant for breakfast. Today, the cruise number 7 was about to shoot a movie on the deck. Have seen all day shooting. The ship was supposed to reach Singapore at 8 a.m. Our journey was to end here. We packed the luggage and put it outside our own cabin. After completing all the formalities, we came out of the cruise at around 8 pm and 5 minutes.

Laon City

It was raining out Our taxi driver was waiting for us for a long time. She seemed resentful. We sat quietly in the taxi.

About two and a half hours later we reached the pre-booked hotel. The taxi driver informed us that he would come to us at 9 a.m. the next morning. In the first part of the day, we will make a city tour and in the second part will be left in Santosa Park, settled on Santos Island. Then take us from there at 8 pm.

The next day we came out to roam. Singapore is a country with large buildings. This country, famous for its strengths around the world, is also modern with a combination of different civilizations, traditions, and religions.

It is an independent republic country. There are abundant Chinese here, the rest are Indians, Angrej, Tamil, Buddhist, Muslim, and Christian.

We had heard a lot of praise of Mustafa Maul. We took the taxi and reached Mustafa Maul. Here a Singapore Dollar was equal to 35 rupees of India.

Mustafa is a very big maul. The slippers, t-shirts, jackets, perfumes etc. were very expensive here. We were quite tired of us? Night had happened too. Sleeping back at the hotel.

We got up early in the morning and got out of the breakfast restaurant. The taxi was standing out waiting for us. The guide said that Singapore is a small country and it is also the capital and this city is also there. Here are Chinese, Malay and Tamil people. English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil are used.

On the way, he showed many parks. After a while we reached Santosa Park. This huge park was built on the natural shade. In the Giant Aquarium, the fish of about 250 species of different species was swimming.

Going out of there, go ahead to see Dolphin Show. Dolphin was very trained. Apart from that, Sean Luen also thrilled the audience with his dance skills by making music thrilling.

From there we came out and entered the 'Images of Singapore'. Have amazing views inside How this made Singapore, this historical event was supported by the effects of audio visual effects. The lips of the floating oil paintings on the entrance and the eyes of the eyes were shaken, the sounds of smoke were quite lively.

Information about the traditions of Singapore was given through speaking effigies. Everything was amazing. It was a memorable museum symbolizing the unity of Chinese, Malay and Tamil people.

To watch the 'Song of C', which was to take place at 7:30 in the evening, it was to proceed further towards the sea shore. At just 7:30 a.m. the sound of high music stopped and the song 'Song of C' started. Cartoon characters started speaking on the screen made of water showers. Fireballs started bursting with a loud voice. If you talk in direct language then such a combination of light and sound effects has never been seen before.

From ah to aah

The next day the program to go to Universal Studios was certain. The morning driver took us again.

He gave us a printed outline of the events in the studio, which had some round marks. Now we had to see only the place in the studio that was marked by that.

We entered the 'Lost World' Here Jurassic Park is Rapid Square, that is River Rafting Ride. Similarly is canopy flyer. This is the fastest pace in 3 seconds? Jiggag is between the adolescents. Similarly, 'Live Water Show' was broadcast in 'Water World'.

After this, 'Four For Away' was a very interesting four-decade adventure animated film called Shark. The spectacles were given to the spectators. The water spray was coming out of our seat and coming to the mouth. In the film, the horse riding the horse was visible, and with the sound of the horse's stronghold, our seats also started moving sharply. It seemed as though we were riding on a horse. The spiders, butterflies, etc. were being shown in the film but they seemed to be lying in front of our eyes.

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After this we got into the 'Revenge of Jesus' in the name of 'Aisha Egypt' ie Ancient Egypt. The atmosphere inside seemed quite terrible. The statue of 2 Bhimakya guardians was installed on the entrance. Awesome voices were coming from inside The light was dim.

Afterward, we were seated in a train. He went ahead with slow motion. Seeing that his speed progressed. Faster, faster and faster. The blast, coming in front of a wall, stopped it? Along with this, the sound of 'kadch' sounded and the cracks of the broken wall seemed to be worn on both sides of the wall. Right now, we were just trying to understand what happened, our brother turned back and took us to the Andheri cave at a fast pace.

We were screaming with excitement, screaming. There was less fear than screaming, I thought so. Our problem was not coming in where we are and where we are going. We were in the vortex of darkness. In a while, we saw the light and with this, stopped.

'Aah to Aaha' We breathed in peace That amazing! Do not forget us even today.
After this we entered New York where there was one view from the Hollywood style.
Similarly, the show was shown in 'Hollywood'.

I would definitely like to mention some important things about this exciting day. Here the photographer takes pictures of tourists without asking, then sell them at high prices. It was forbidden to carry foods and drinks in the studio. Children were happily photographed with cartoon characters made of polymorphs inside.

There were casinos inside and even world-class hotels. Wheelchairs were available for older, sick people. At 7 o'clock came the taxi driver We breathed in peace Tomorrow we had to get back from this dazzling country. We landed in the market on the way and the driver left the children in the hotel. On 8th January we had to return to India. After breakfast we sat in the taxi and the driver left us the airport.

After a half-and-a-half hour flight, we reached Bankouk Airport. There was a two-and-a half hour break. Delhi was a three-and-a-half-hour journey from Bangkok. This journey proved to be memorable for us.

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