In a world where financial turmoil seems to be the subject of the day, its easy to forget the power that lies within each of us to co-create the reality we desire.

We do not have to accept what we hear on the news. Just because our friends and neighbors are filled with fear doesn't mean that we have to fall into the same mind trap.

It's important that we turn off the television from time to time and sit in silence. Some people choose to meditate to disconnect from the negative programming around them but I like to listen to what I call transformative music soundtracks.

In this article, I'd like to share with you the lyrics to one of my favorite selections from "Prosperity, Poetic Prose for Life Transformation." This CD features music by music practitioner YaTafari and the voice of yours truly.

You see, I live in Detroit, MI, one of the cities hardest hit by the so called "recession." And although I refuse to acknowledge it in my life and my business, I was inspired to write this message of love to everyone around me who has accepted lack and loss as their reality and forgotten about their ability to create from their thoughts anything they desire.

I hope you enjoy it and will take the time to remember that you are a divine co-creator of your own reality.

Relax…. And incline your ears to this message of love.

You are a walking miracle and miracles abound, waiting to be revealed as you call upon them silently when the illusion of lack appears.

You were created by the Creator of all things to create through the power of divine love.

In your imagination, thoughts and visions appear to produce miracles for all your brothers to experience.

You Are Divine.

For too long you have been in darkness, trapped in the matrix of third dimensional beliefs of separation and limitation.

Wake up my sister. Wake up my brother. Look to the light and see all that awaits you.

Enjoy the abundance that is your birth-rite.

Cast your cares into the river that flows continuously recycling pain and suffering into joy and peace.

Press the reset button on your limiting beliefs.

Delete the terror and despair programming being transmitted through the airwaves.

Hit Play Now on the program installed on your DNA hard drive in the beginning when God said “Let there be Light!”

Love and light are all that exists.

Give thanks daily for the Son and the Spirit which had guided you through darkness and to the divine light of love.

Prosperity is all around you. Close your eyes and feel it shower you like a foaming waterfall. Feel the midst on your face, covering your eyes, giving you new insight.

Abundant love radiates from your heart, shining brightly with rays that reach out to all man-kind. And so it is.

Author's Bio: 

For more than a decade holistic health educator and author Versandra Kennebrew has assisted the masses with options for optimal health and well-being. After losing everything she owned she emerged from the darkest days of her life to become a community leader and reinvention expert.

Her memoir shares the principles she embraced in order to reach her divine greatness. She knows the struggles of becoming homeless and she also knows the joys of igniting your imagination and using your gifts and talents to add value to the lives of others. Anyone experiencing a life transition would benefit from reading her inspirational story of triumph over adversity and listening to her transformational messages.