This suite of next generation technology solutions help in improving the lives of people with Crohn’s disease. This app aims at significantly reducing the associated healthcare costs.

Crohn's disease is a condition where there is inflammation in any part of the gut. The mobile application of the Crohn’s disease goes beyond traditional data collection and sharing. Crohn's Manager and the entire suite of technology solutions help in translating data into valuable information and actionable knowledge. This suite of next generation technology solutions help in betterment of the lives of the affected people by integrating clinical, behavioral, and motivational applications with everyday technologies, like the internet and cell phone, to engage patients and healthcare providers in ways that dramatically improve outcomes and significantly reduce healthcare costs.

A Leading Disease Management Solution Provider in the United States came up with this mobile solution for Crohn's disease. The solution will allow the user to update and track the information regarding the medication followed. With this health monitoring mobile application, Crohn’s disease can be managed at any place and time without any visits to the hospital. Thus users can lead a better lifestyle with lower health costs.

The Corhn’s Manager compiles the data electronically to analyze the output in order to provide a real time feedback to the patients to take a necessary step according to the severity of the disease level. Keeping track of the medications taken for the Regional Enteritis or Crohn’s disease is a lot easier and reliable with Crohn’s Manager. The alerts can be scheduled based on the medication cycles and the features such as the treatment history, analysis of personal health data and other such feedback helps the users in monitoring their personal health accurately with the Crohn’s Manager Application.

The Crohn’s Manager is a mobile resident user disease management application for Crohn’s disease. The users can update their treatment records of the Crohn’s disease on to the application to understand the progress of the recovery or otherwise. This application helps the affected person to seek help when required based on the treatment history recorded. The user can input the information regarding the type of the medication injected for the disease treatment and in which part of the body the medication was injected to. The area of the body on which the drug is induced is diagrammatically represented in the form of infographics.

The user experience is more enhanced when the data is represented pictorially. The users also have an option of rating their general well being on the application along with maintaining their treatment schedules. The treatment schedules once fed on the application alerts the user so that the treatment schedule or the doctor visit is never forgotten or mixed up.

The Crohn’s Manager houses options for those certain tasks that would help the users in their treatments. For chronic diseases it is of high importance that the medical history recorded should be accurate and to the point for any future reference. The data must be readable and understandable by the users (patients) and by the health care specialists too. This application however, keeps a complete track record of the treatment details and the complete history of the treatment procedures for an accurate feedback to the users and their physicians.

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