Sleep, rest and exercise are essential for good health. Walking is actually the best form of exercise, so a regular morning walk is very beneficial. Provides exercise for the body and freshness for the mind. Morning walking exercise on many parts of the body - legs, arms, waist and chest. Fresh air enters the body and improves the work of the lungs. Improves and increases appetite and regulates digestion. As a result, we feel energized, refreshed, and fit. It gives new energy to the body for daily work.

Walking is the greatest pleasure of man, whether we go there alone or in the company of other people. Some people prefer to go alone because they can calmly and calmly think about the many serious issues of the day. Mahatma Gandhi was one of them. He walked very fast every morning but he was accompanied by his students. They discussed many of the problems of the day as they walked.

Wanderers and vagrants are found all over the world. Some take long walks for fun and others for health. Some take long walks because they are bored at home and cannot find anything worthwhile. In an attempt to escape on their own, they first ran away from home. In the new environment, they find new interest. They see greener fields and new pastures. As they walk, they make new friends, and sometimes that friendship blossoms into businesses.

The morning air is free from pollution. Walking before sunrise has the maximum benefit for our health. Nature at its best, the dewdrops on the foliage and the blades of grass look like pearls. Walking on green grass has its own charm. While walking, you enjoy the beauty of nature and you feel fresh and healthy. One can study birds and animals and learn from their habits. One can enjoy the beauty of flowers, plants and trees. Walking in the mountains is an eternal joy. When the sun shines on the snow-capped mountains, it is rare to notice and cherish it.

almashy fi alsabah hu tamrin mufid lilghayat yukhadh fi alsaaeat al'uwlaa min alsabahi. 'iinah alwaqt aladhi yakun fih aleaql mnteshan waljasad nshtan. yuqal bihaqi, "alnuwm albakir walnuhud almubakir yajeal alrajul shyan wghnyan whkyman." yukhrij alkahir min alnaas lilnuzhat ywmyan fi alsabahi. 'ana aydan' adhhab fi nuzhat sabahiat ywmyan. yaetad almar'ealaa dhalik mae murur alwaqti. yatatalab alkahir min altakyif fi albidayati. yuseid almutajawil fi alsabah eindama yajid nafsah fi aleara 'ealaa auteliq alm

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