Growing up kids is not an easy job! Ask a mother who has gone through that phase of her life teaching her kids about the world, familiarizing the world to the kid with so many examples, illustrations, pictures and stories. Ask her about those nights when she need to sleep by her child to murmur a story to help him to go to bed. Ask her how full of patience was she when she was trying to raise her kid making him learning manners, etiquettes and all other complex things in the world.

Teaching a child is not at all easy, especially when he does not know anything about the world and starts learning with gradual social interaction and special guidance from his first teacher – his mother. Kids’ story books have helped always in this Herculean venture. Every mother is not fortunate enough or has that understanding of how to guide her child in the exact way. But she knows one thing for sure and that is her child loves a story. The stories have so deep impact in the brain of a child that they tend to learn from them and start showing the manners which was told them through stories. When a child grows a little old, and when he receives the perception of pictures, starts understanding the meaning of pictures nothing better than the picture books for children can help him to learn things around his world.

Story books for children with pictorial illustrations can ease the task of a mother who can make her child learn while still engaging him to his amazing world of fun. As the world is moving at a fast rate and every mother is not that lucky enough to manage time to teach her child everything she wants, she can always take help of advanced technologies which can support her child to learn.

Some mothers are there who tend to help others through their creative abilities and Pooja Sardana is one such mother. She has thought of extending her abilities beyond the reach of her own child and has endeavoured to extend her stories in pictures through her concept tree. Picture Book Tree as a concept has gown out of her mind to reach to every mother and parent who want to offer their child that fun full of values, ethics and emotions. Extending her efforts online she has created a smart interface for all people, who want to give their child that fun filled world through her amazing concept of sharing free books for kids online.

The picture books for children online are a collection of her own creations and those are made available at quite affordable costs so that they can reach to every child through their parents. Any child or their parents can climb this concept Picture Book Tree and can gather a whole lot of mesmerizing collection that are ideally story books for children. The concept is still to go a long way serving its basic purpose to help a mother with her best teachings through stories and that too through pictorial illustrations.

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