Uppma Virdi, the young entrepreneur, was born in 1990 in Chandigarh, India, and raised in Melbourne, Australia. After completing her graduation in Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Laws from Deakin Burwood and graduating in 2013, she began practice as a corporate lawyer in the Australian Supreme Court. Subsequently, the girl specialized skills in employment and commercial law. The lady was fond of making tea for relatives and friends. During her brother's marriage, she prepared thousands of cups of tea for every guest who attended the function. It made her realize that tea is a brilliant idea of bringing individuals to come together. Thus, Uppma Virdi decided to invest in the future in selling tea and then started the tea manufacture in Australia. In 2014, the home cook left her job as a lawyer to launch Chai Walli company to promote healthy drinks in the country, where crowds love coffee and, it began the success story of the woman entrepreneur.

Initially, the family and friends opposed her idea of making Australians’ taste the delicious tea and that too by leaving a respectable job for an insecure dream. When everyone realised the importance of the desire in her life, subsequently, all the loved ones supported the budding businesswoman and became the strength. The rising tycoon made even household work of making tea look stylish and encouraging among her consumers. Slowly, the tea of Uppma Virdi gained popularity among the social circles, and the journey of ‘tea future’ began steadily. The youngster tasted the success, and thus, the lady began experimenting with the tea and its ingredients. She has always thanked her grandfather, Pritam Singh Virdi, who was a Homeopathic and Ayurvedic doctor who taught a remarkable Ayurvedic tea that used to find a solution to every medical problem through his special ayurvedic tea, spreading the Indian culture, served as an inspiration for the girl. The motivational story of the herbal tea supported the adult to carry it out in the special mixtures.

Uppma Virdi has an online tea store that sells a different variety of tea, which includes sticky wet chai, 11 species chai, caffeine-free, turmeric latte and many more. The trader also delivers products such as candles, pots, kettles, strainers. The eCommerce site trades noteworthy chocolates made from tea, and it has become very popular among her customers. Other than the tea, her e-business helps consumers buy organic spices from India. The tycoon also conducts workshops where she teaches to make the perfect chai. The website has become an awesome shopping destination for tea lovers.

She won the Businesswoman of the Year Reward from the India Australia Business Community Awards in October 2016. Also became the winner of the Business Excellence Award at Victorian Sikh Association in 2016. The youngster was selected in Forbes 30 under 30 in the Asia list for retail and e-commerce. The lady has also been featured by CNN in their 20 Under 40 series in 2017. The NRI Welfare Society of India appreciated Uppma with the Hind Rattan Award for her contribution. The special tea of Chai Walli became the finalist at the Best Health Food and Beverage Awards. Moreover, Uppma Virdi was a semi-finalist for the Victorian Young Achievers Award and featured as a Woman to Watch by the Project on Channel 10. All these endless achievements have made India proud.

The NRI was invited to the Melbourne Tea Festival. At the event, she expressed her desire of promoting the unique preparations of Indian tea throughout the world. The young lady has raised the firm from two signature chai blends to fifteen Ayurvedic mixtures and teas. All the ingredients used by the company are imported from the organic farms of India. Apart from making tea, Uppma Virdi has always been there to listen to Indian tea makers and helps in spreading their entrepreneurial success stories around the globe. Uppma Virdi has taken the delicious tea from the Indian kitchen to the global platform and has become an inspiration to several tea sellers and farm owners who make their dream come true with the healthy drink.

People like Uppma Virdi prove that no wsh is small, it only takes determination and courage to be successful. Being a lawyer, she might have achieved more luxury but chasing the dream gave her satisfaction, popularity and love. Her life gives the message of connecting to the roots even when you reach the highest peak and it will show you the path of accomplishment.

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