When you run your own business, saving money is just as important as making money. The ways to make money in a given business tend to be pretty obvious, but saving money can be a bit more subtle. Sometimes, potential money saving strategies kind of slip through the cracks. The contracting business can be pretty competitive, so it’s wise to use every trick you can find to save some cash, increase profits, and keep your businesses going. A multi tool with some inexpensive replacement blades can really help.

Most contractors already have a truck load of tools, but sometimes you need to add to your collection or replace tools that are broken or worn out. I recommend getting an oscillating tool if you don’t have one already. In fact, if you have a large operation, you may want to get several. These things are great. They are multi-use power tools that can do the job of dozens of standard hand tools. They move the blade back and forth at incredibly high speeds, allowing you to cut through just about anything, scrape dried paint, remove grout, clean dried concrete, polish metal, shape and sculpt a variety of materials, rip out old materials, sand, and do about twenty other common jobs, all depending on which blades you pop in. You can work on almost any kind of wood, thin metals, plywood, foam board, insulation, cardboard, particle board, plastics, fiberglass, PVC, copper pipe, drywall, and a bunch of other materials that are common at the job site. These things are great because they take the place of a bunch of other tools. If you need to add or replace tools, this is the way to go. You probably have a few old faithful tools that you can’t live without – Dad’s old hammer with the tape on the handle, the saw with the rusty blade that you still keep sharp because you got used to the feel of it – but you may need to get some more tools for your crew. Pick up one Sonicrafter and some basic blades, and you will know that your guys can get the job done without having to stock a whole toolbox. These types of tools are light, easy to use, and as versatile as you can get.

The blades for multi tools can get pricey if you use them a lot, and some blades are more expensive than others. Fortunately, there is a solution for this too. You can buy high quality replacement blades online for any brand of multi tool blade. You can get very durable, precise off-brand blades for a fraction of the retail brand name price, so you can save even more cash. With a multi tool and low-price blades, you can save hundreds, even thousands, depending on your operation. That’s enough money to make a big difference.

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The author is a craftsman and business owner who has written many articles about the benefits of using a multi tool for projects. He advocates the Sonicrafter oscillating tool as one of the best multi tools, but he also writes about the benefits of using Bosch, Rockwell, Dremel, Fein, and other brands.