Once, King Divodas’ son Pratardan wished to see heaven. Taking commands from his father Pratardan went to heaven. Indra was greatly impressed by Pratardan’s enterprise and war oriented skills. He respectfully welcomed Pratardan and said: How can I serve you? Pratardan replied: Lord! I have enough wealth, food, children, fame etc. What more can I ask from you? I do not want anything.

Indra laughingly said: Child! I know a man of enterprise and hard work lacks nothing in this world. Yet even though he is capable of earning enough wealth, joyous comforts etc he must yearn for world welfare and well being. There is no greater glory to be attained on earth apart from the good merits of service to the world. As a result in fact you shall attain God or Self realization. Hence I will teach you the science of Prana that aids in selflessly and devotedly serving the world.

After this Indra instructed Pratardan on the subject of Prana principle. He said: Prana very is Brahman or God. Via spiritual endeavor, great Yogis and Rishi-Munis imbibe Prana in their soul and with its aid usher in world well being.

In the 2nd chapter of Kaushitaki Upanishad Lord Indra taught this Prana Science to Pratardan and in it is a very important elucidation of it. Indra further unfolds the mystery of how with the help of Prana Science an individual oozing with Prana Energy transmit it to others and how via it one can elicit inner inspirations and thoughts in others individuals. Adding further on this topic Indra says:

Atha khalu tasmadetamevoktha mupasit. Yo vai pranaha sa prajna ya va prajna sa prana……..sa yada pratibudhyate yathagnervisfulling. Vipratisthante pranebhyo deva devebhyo loka………

MEANING: When the mind thinks, other Pranas by becoming its allies become powerful thinkers. When the eyes see an object other Pranas mimic them. When the speech utters words other Pranas follow in its footsteps. In the function of the chief Prana other Pranas cooperate wholly.

In other verses it is detailed that by inactivating the mind along with all sense organs the power of resolve or Sankalpa Shakti is united with Pranas. Such a person becomes a knower of divine wisdom. He/she via Prana Energy can influence and inspire just about anyone. Their message and teachings can be heard and imbibed anywhere. By merging our Prana with their Prana people of weak potential can potently awaken their Prana in a manifold way. Even an inert mountain cannot ignore the commands of those people oozing with divine wisdom. Those who harbor hatred towards such divine personalities get destroyed wholly.

In this very Upanishad there is guidance that when a father realizes he is the door of death he must establish his Prana energy in his son (Guru, disciple or disciples). He must gift speech, Prana, nose, eyes, ears, power of mobility, intellect etc and his son must imbibe it. After this the father or Guru by becoming a Sanyasi must leave that place and that the son or disciple must be asked to take over, meaning that the tradition or lineage of spirituality must not get obstructed in any way.

In ancient times this tradition was very much in vogue like today’s powerful technology. A knower Guru of Prana Science by giving up his very life enhanced the personality and potentials of his/her disciple. As a result with humble faith people regularly visited hermitages/Ashrams of great Rishis. The Rishis by giving their Prana would render people radiant, intelligent and full of enterprise. Maharshi Dhaumya had led Aruni, Gautam led Jabali, Indra led Arjun, Yama led Nachiketa and Shukracharya led Kaccha to a high stature inner state. Even today via true God realized masters and Gurus the torch of this tradition continues to shine forth. Paramhans Ramkrishna did Shaktipat (transmission of Divine Energy) on Swami Vivekananda. The latter in turn imbued Prana in Sister Nivedita. Via Prana Energy Yogi Aurobindo sent a message to call Mother Yajnashikha to Pondicherry Ashram from Paris who managed the ashram and edited its magazine. By giving her the Science of Yoga rendered her a master of Indian Spiritual Philosophy.

It is said that when Lord Rama was in exile in the forest at that time Lakshman by controlling his radiant Prana sent news of their daily life everyday to his wife residing far off Ayodhya. Urmila in turn broadcasted this news via paintings to Raghuvansh family and like a wireless wire everyone duly got this latest news.

Anasuya dwelled alone in a hermitage. Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh disguising themselves, visited her so as to test her. Muni Atri had gone out somewhere. It was he who had identified God’s 3 fold form and this hidden message was transmitted to his wife Anasuya via Prana Energy. Hindu scriptures are full of such stories.

Today’s modern science based world society, argue about these stories. People suspect and doubt and say that is it possible for one man to send a message to another person at a far off distance without any technology and apparatus?

If we try to cogitate deeply even modern science has proof for the above. Who does not know about wireless transmission (and cell phones today)? Sound is converted to electric waves. These waves in turn flow in ether principle by becoming streams. The more a transmitter is powerful, to that extent electrical waves will flow speedily towards far off areas. Other wirelesses or radio set up with the same frequency will catch these sound waves and reconvert them to sound which can be heard by people sitting nearby. Now none can distrust such crystal clear scientific proof.

Whatever we utter first manifests as thoughts in our mind and thus thoughts do exist in this world. In the above verses it has been said that when mental or thought energy unites with Prana other Pranas cooperate. This means that via the medium of Prana consciousness which includes actions, thinking, emotions etc dwelling in our body can be sent to any person in a far off region.

Egypt’s medical science specialist Papirus had given a scientific form of medical therapy which involved the doctor caressing the head of the patient. Emperor Pirus and Vaise Pasiyan via such therapy were cured of a dangerous disease. In the medical therapy administered to France’s royal family members, right from Francis I to Charles 10 magnet was used in powerful cure methods. Especially was used touch of hand and special focused vision.

In the year 1600 the great scholar Scotchman Maxwell put forth the precept that there exists a life force that pervades the entire cosmos. Via effort more or less of it can be filled in ourselves and can be used to uplift ourselves both materially and spiritually.

Previous to Maxwell a great thinker Goklonium via sound logic and proof had proved that the chief basis of soul power in mankind is this life force which was understood to be of the stature of ‘living magnet’. Von Helmont by using this energy had gained fame for curing very painful dire illnesses and diseases. Due to such capacity Mahaprabhu during his lifetime was called a Siddha saint.

Sataneli, an Italian scientist in the early part of 18th century via many experiments had proved that within the human reside intense electrical radiations.

Right from the year 1734 to 1815 for most of his life span Dr Frederic Mesmer conducted research on the existence and utility value of Prana Energy. He systematically wrote down the conclusions of his long research and gave it the name-Mesmerism. Later his student Constant Usigar added a new chain of mesmerism science to the above and gave the name hypnotism to inducing of sleep artificially. Other scholars of France too unearthed new data after due research in this area. La Fontaine and Dr Brad while continuing research in this subject rendered it so apt that in medical therapy it could be used credibly.

In the past few years in New Orleans USA is constructing such a center for research studies. USA scientist Darlene and French one Dr Durand de Gras’ research studies imbued faith in the modern scientific world that use of Prana Energy use in comparison to other well established medical therapies is no less beneficial. This methodology was called Electro Biological. Lee Vault’s book on medical therapy based on human electricity received credibility and was praised too. Regarding this the names of 3 major institutions that conducted deep research into it are:

1) The School of Nancy

2) The School of Charkot

3) The School of Mesmerist

Apart from these there are other big minor research centers that encourage both individual and collective experimentation.

Research of scientist Modavyuz and Count Puligar proved that medical cure via Prana energy is merely child’s play. In reality it can be used for much higher stature. On its basis man can manifest multifaceted radiance in his personality. He can become skillfully brilliant. He can cross over many stages of self belief. By influencing material objects experiments can be conducted to render them more useful and via this influence the nature of living beings can be transformed. German electric scientist called Richen Bach believes it to be a special type of fire. He opines that this fire chiefly is found around one’s face and gave it the name-aura. He found this fire to dwell in greater measure in the genitals rather than one’s face periphery. Other researchers opined that greater measure of it dwells in one’s eyes and finger tips.

Hong Kong’s American Dr Arnold Fast conducted many small operations on patients by inducing sleep in them via hypnotic methods. Later dental surgeons too used this method and found that instead of using anesthesia based chemicals to render the teeth/gums temporarily painless hypnotic methods were more useful. In South Africa, Johannesburg’s Taro Hospital Dr Bernard Lebinson without administering chloroform to patients while using hypnotic methods for anesthesia during surgery proved that this method is not some flimsy magic but is truly scientific in nature. The English scientist James Bride opined that instead of limiting the potential of electrical energy found in nerve centers for body nourishment only other useful activities too can be executed with its aid.

During the 2nd world war people in order to decipher war secrets dwelling in the psyche of others used mysteries techniques of Prana Electricity based applications. The psychologist J H Atsbrook had unearthed many new principles regarding this and its application was taught to detective officers. For this Germany had designated a totally separate department called Hypnotized Intelligence. With its help, so much amazing success came their way.

There is no limit to the potential and miracles pertaining to Prana Energy. Just as those countries which have access to nuclear energy technology etc are considered leaders of the world similarly the potency of men imbued with intense Prana Energy are not only no less in comparison but in fact exceed them by miles.

As long as our nation was aware of this science our stature too was very high in the world. Via Gayatri Meditation by conjoining our individual Prana to cosmic Prana we fill up infinite vault of divine energy in ourselves and with its aid not only do we benefit but that hundreds others coming in our contact too experience well being in a multifaceted manner. Atomic energy can be destructive yet if used wholesomely can be used to fulfill the problem of lack of electricity the world over which in turn strengthen areas of agriculture, health etc. The same holds true with Prana Energy and that if used optimally can lead to world welfare both materially and spiritually. Today’s demeaned state of the world can be warded off.

Realized Gurus who have mastered Gayatri Science are akin to the sun. They ooze with the capacity to usher in well being of world denizens. Yet when we see that they do not help some people the reason is that they may misuse this energy. A father will never give money to an alcoholic son and similarly spiritual energy cannot be given to just anyone and everyone. The person receiving it must be full of pious credibility. Yet even the might sun gives heat and light to just about everybody. The same ethics should be imbibed by great saints with relation to Gayatri devotees who are children of divine wisdom. By giving Prana Energy to people maybe they may not do good but by inspiring them to walk on the path of greatness so much welfare can usher in that in comparison to this even the most gigantic mundane aid will pale into insignificance.

Where does Prana come from? What is its source from which one can imbibe it? While searching the same we have to conclude that this priceless wealth can be got from pure air, sacred water, good wholesome (Satvik) food and contact with the sun, sound deep sleep and self satisfied mental state. The more we ignore these energy founts, the more we abstain from them, the more our personality will weaken and wither away. When we earn less and spend more no business will succeed and in the same way how can worldly transactions run smoothly in one’s daily living?

Every activity and desire has limitations. By observing discipline and self control only one gets divine potential. By working more than one’s capacity, harboring desire to augment comforts, by immersing in sense merriment utilizing sense organ potential way beyond their capacity, not observing discipline in one’s daily routine etc do not appear to be very erroneous yet despite these seeming minor like a spark of fire can burn to ashes the blissful garden of our family life. One who ignores ethical and social discipline norms loses his/her credibility and fails to get cooperation and help from other people. One who ignores discipline in his/her individual life loses that very priceless wealth on the basis of which the foundation stones of multifaceted progress are laid down.

Who and for how long can one protect another who drinks poison so as to commit suicide? How long can the Prana Energy of a person remain optimally balanced if he/she continues to drink alcohol, indulge in drug addictions etc? Even hot spices used in food are poison from a certain viewpoint. By ceaselessly agitating the psyche via desire based titillation we ourselves dissipate to naught our life’s wealth and grandeur. Further in order to face the fruits of sins committed by us we enter the hell of diseases, weakness and accident based death.

The great philosopher Confucius rightly proclaims: Those who break the law of spending less will have to face death full of crisis and strife. This sacred utterance of his with reference to wastage of Prana Energy is cent-percent true. Such people play dangerously with their very lives and in the most un-required manner fritter away their potential. Under such circumstances is there any wonder that they thus face dire results like getting shocks at every step of life along with total agitation of mind?

If only we learn to use our Prana Energy very sparingly our life span will increase in a disease free manner. And in fact this saved Prana Energy can be used for wholesome goals like service to world creatures and humanity.

We tend to waste our Prana Energy by gluttonously eating food even when our body does not require it. For protection of the body there is need of minimal and health augmenting food. Instead we heat such food which induces indigestion. We erroneously think that by eating expensive, tasty and more food we will become strong. Yet the results are bang opposite wherein the strength that manifests from its eating does not reach the body simply because it is used in digesting the eaten rich food. As a result from the bodily health a vigor standpoint we daily reap nothing but losses and by declaring ourselves ‘bankrupt’ from the health standpoint we enter the jaws of death. Opposite to this those who with effort imbibe a lot of Prana Energy without frittering it away not only glorifies human life but also generates in his/her life a great deal of material wealth and prosperity.

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