Research have revealed that around 50% of startups fail within 5 years of its formation. The percentage may increase or decrease slightly with each year but the fact remains same - Around 50% startups fails in UK.

According to data from the Enterprise Research Centre, London has the lowest start-up survival rate in the UK, with just 50.1% of companies established in 2013 surviving for 3 years, which is 3.6 percentage points below the national average.

Reasons for failure is endless but mantra for success is one and that is Planning your business beforehand.

It is imperative that planning your business beforehand will give you an edge and avoid shutdown and losses. A thorough analysis of your business and business concept, market condition, trends, financial analysis and viability, operational cost and management, product or services competitive edge, current and future inflation rate, experience of management and operational personnel, capital investment and expected profit etc are needed.

There are huge pool of entrepreneurs and startups who just try their luck without any planning. If you are an entrepreneurs and looking to start a business then, without any prejudice, you should accept this fact that you are new to the business and should take actionable inputs and profit-oriented advice from those who are already in similar business or someone who provides business planning and management services. This will ensure that whatever business you are looking to setup will survive and makes profit for you in short as well as long run.

You may contact business planning consultants and seek their help in creating a complete business plan and business continuity plan for your business and hit the market with a bang. There are lots of business consultant out there but I personally like the one you can see at You may read their mentoring page at

I wish you all the best and success.

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