Mind, Body, Soul


Intuitive Spiritual Healer, Guide and Teacher
Michelle Morovaty


I am a Napkin. I am in your life to accommodate you. I am soft and very useful when you need to be cleaned.
I come in different sizes and an array of colors.

I am boxed and wrapped in plastic. I am here to serve and to please.

I hope I am doing what I am supposed to. I simply aim to please.
Practically every supermarket, chain store and mall carries me. I guess I am worth the buy!

Kids love to play with me. They love to tear me into pieces. I am a joy to them. I am a delight in their lives.
They can drag me around, wrap me around their arms, use me as decoration and feed me to their pets.
What a joy to be of service!

Do you ever wonder how I came about? I mean who thought of inventing me.
Which mind was it? I mean was I created by the Creative mind of no limitation? I believe so.

For humans have within them, the unlimited potential of the Creator.... and of the wonders.... of All that Is.

Anyways, I just wanted to share with you that it is my pleasure to serve you. To be in your homes, offices, hospitals,
schools, institutions, parks and basically everywhere.

I just ask that you recycle me, my box and my wrapper whenever possible.

I love you,
A Napkin

Author's Bio: 

Michelle is an Intuitive Spiritual Healer, Guide,Teacher, Master Dahn Yoga Healer, Wellness Coach, and Writer. She is a Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-linguistic Programming, Master Time Line Therapy and Master Hypnotherapist. Certified brain Management Consultant. She is a Certified Reiki and Pranic Healer. Michelle experienced her inner awakening to her True Self, the God within, as she learned to heal herself from Lupus CNS in 2002. Since then she is guided from within, as a channel for the light, guiding others in their healing process Mentally, Emotionally, Physically and Spiritually. Her life purpose is to support and awaken people to their True Selves, the Power within and to cause and create Oneness inside and out. Michelle also connects to the Spiritual World for assistance where Love is the essence of Truth and Oneness.