A Natural Alternative for Scalp Psoriasis...Awaken

Our bodies are constantly trying to correct any imbalances. The body will do what ever it needs to do to achieve this, and will keep doing it (even if it is in excess) until it has corrected itself. Psoriasis is a perfect example of this. Psoriasis is one the ways in which the body is trying to release its toxic overload – in order to return to balance. Detoxification is mainly the job of the kidneys and liver, but when they become over-worked the skin will step up and help out. This “back up” role of the skin sets in motion an inflammatory response – also known as exacerbated cellular turnover. The rate of cellular turnover in healthy skin is about 28 days, depending on your age. In a psoriasis lesion the turn over rate is much quicker. This is in part what causes the thick, scaly, oily skin cells to build up – a hallmark of psoriasis, especially on the knees, elbows and scalp.

If you are interested in healing psoriasis(even if its only on your scalp), then you are going to need to detoxify – there is really no getting around it. In the mean time though, or while your detoxifying, there is a natural alternative that can help ease the symptoms. Awaken by Surface is a haircare product that is designed for thinning hair- but also happens to be fantastic for treating psoriasis. Here is a little insight as to why.

It doesn’t contain mineral oil – Mineral oil is by product of petroleum and when it’s on your skin nothing can get in or out! Your skin is already hard at work trying to rid your body of toxins and when you use a product that contains mineral oil you are making the job even more difficult. Additionally, you will be keeping proteins, moisture, antioxidants and other healing agents from reaching the deeper layers of the skin.

Surface chooses to use organic Babassu oil – an oil that has a melting point close to body temperature. When applied it draws heat from the skin for absorption. It’s great for either dry or oily skin and works wonderfully for lifting and healing of psoriasis plaque.

It has minerals which are important for optimal skin health – including zinc. A deficiency in zinc has been associated with many skin disorders including psoriasis.

Its free of sulfates, formaldehyde, and parabens which is great for your skin, hair and your health!

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Author's Bio: 

Kathleen McManis is a Master Esthetician and Author of the forthcoming book, Being Beautiful through Energy and Love. For almost a decade, Kathleen has been helping people to heal their hearts in order to heal their skin. Her focus is on helping people with inflammatory skin conditions such as psoriasis, acne, and premature aging. She captivates her audiences through her unique and inspiring stories of spiritual growth, transformation, and consciousness and by sharing valuable and empowering insights from her own self healing journey. Kathleen is the founder of Alternative Skin, a highly valued online resource for holistic skincare – creating healthy, clear, beautiful skin!