I’d like to share with you a spiritual breathing exercise, a form of Spiritual Breathing that Breathworkers around the world have been practicing lately. There is no name for it yet, but maybe with practice, you will be inspired to give us one!

Visualize this. With the inhale we invite life force energy—spirit—to awaken and rise up from our center or source. With the exhale we fall down or drop down into our center. While inhaling we pull energy up from our innermost core, from our heart. While exhaling we relax and surrender into the divine spirit within.

And so a sacred meeting occurs. The essence or source of our being—God—emerges from within and rises up into our awareness. At the same time we consciously settle down and come home; we melt and merge into this source within.

We use breathing together with a heartfelt intention. We use breath together with feeling, and we set out on a moment-to-moment, breath-by-breath inner journey. We connect with our spirit thru consciousness and breath.

You can imagine this spirit or energy as light or love, as a feeling of deep peace and great joy.

Try it now!

Breathing in: draw energy up from the center of your being. Breathing out: drop down and relax into the center of your being. Inhaling: draw energy up from your source within. Exhaling: let go and fall into this source.

Inhaling: invite and welcome the energy of love and peace and joy to awaken and rise up from within you. Exhaling: drop down to meet and greet and merge with this energy of love and peace and joy.

As you inhale, feel an ocean-like surge swelling up from within you. As you exhale, feel yourself surrender to it, consciously relax and melt into it!

It is up to us to take all the steps we can toward God. But it is God who takes the final step toward us! We can, thru our own efforts, bring ourselves to the door. But it’s God who opens the door, who reaches out, and welcomes us home!

Breathing in, actively invite and welcome life into your being; breathing out, let go and surrender your being to life.

Good luck in your practice.

Love and blessings,


Author's Bio: 

Dan Brulé has studied and practiced breathwork with more than 80,000 people in over 40 countries since 1976. His travel and teaching schedule is posted at www.breathmastery.com.