There are many symptoms that sufferers experience when they are dealing with stress, too many to go into detail here. One symptom common among many sufferers is the continual replaying of events from the past. Today, let's look at a new stress relief technique I have created that will really help with stress and anxiety and will also be helpful for people who are suffering from depression.

To repeatedly replay past experiences is such a hurtful habit to indulge in. It involves the sufferer selecting and replaying just the bad times in their lives, times when mistakes were made, unhappy memories, and times went life went awry. This creates a no-win scenario and it is vital to be aware of the way this injurious behavior works.

When you're feeling stressed, anxious, or depressed, the desire to replay past experiences and adopting an "if only" perspective can be compelling. The first sign of this behavior involves you castigating yourself over something that you did, which you'll now believe firmly you should not have done, e.g.:

"If only I hadn't left my old job for this one. I'd have been better off back there, leaving was a huge mistake, I'm such an idiot."

Furthermore, actions that you didn't perform will also be used to beat yourself up as you'll now believe you should've performed them, e.g.:

"I made a big mistake when I turned down the chance to buy that house instead of this one. I was so stupid to turn it down and I'm certain all of us would've been much more happy there."

Such a hurtful behavior will only fuel stress, anxiety and depression and I hope you now understand how this works.

By selecting only negative experiences to brood over, you lose if you do and you lose if don't.

Something you may find striking is that there are lots of sufferers who can make detailed replays of bad times in their past with some even replaying events that took place as long as thity or forty years previously and still blame themselves for things they may or may not have done.

Recently, I noticed that I was brooding over a sequence of unpleasant events from ten years ago and I found a way to deal with it that will be a big help with stress, anxiety and depression.

As soon as I noticed that I was indulging in the habit of going over events from my past and that it was causing me to become distressed, I went to the mirror and seeing my reflection, I made an assertion:

"You can't do this anymore. What has happened has been and gone, it is water under the bridge and these events are not going to hurt me anymore."

Now that is a very empowering affirmation and it contains more than a grain of truth, however, I elaborated on this to really amplify the power:

"I am bored with it. I am tired of this nonsense, it has gone on long enough and it isn't going to bore me to tears anymore. The time has arrived to move on to fresh, exciting experiences."

Now, whenever I get the urge to rake over the past, a past that doesn't occur anywhere other than inside my brain, I merely say in a contemptuous manner:

"Not again with this boring drivel. I have no time for it, it holds nothing of interest whatsoever and I'm now doing far more enjoyable things."

It works for me and I urge you to try it and I'm certain it will help with stress and related problems such as anxiety and depression.

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