Mumbai is the gateway to India as from this city the last battalion of British army was marched towards England. This city was previously known as Bombay, during the British era as they were unable to pronounce it Mumbai, it is a major metropolitan city and the capital of Maharashtra State. Commonly this city is known as the business capital of India, for its stock exchange market at Dalal Street, it is also home to Bollywood celebrities, which is the largest Indian film industry responsible for churning out hundreds of Hindi block-busters every year.

The land of dreams, Mumbai draws a number of youngsters wanting to make it big in tinsel town. Mumbai is often described as the land of contrast with skyscrapers on one side, that are flanked by Asia’s biggest slum called ‘Dharavi’ on the other. A major International city, it is a melting pot of cultures making it one of the most versatile cities in the country. The localities are hospitable people and most of them can speak a variety of languages though the state language is Marathi.

The education system in Mumbai is systematized and well organized. While all the Public schools in Mumbai are affiliated either to the All-India Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE), the CBSE boards or the Maharashtra state SSC board and are run by the BMC (Bombay Municipal Corporation), the Private schools are operated by Christian convents, individuals or Trusts. Private schools are a popular choice with the majority of localities because English is used as a medium of instruction but the government-run public schools are the only option available to the economically marginalized.

Mumbai is a major center for schooling with a high rate of literacy though surprisingly, the school drop-out rates are equally high. The municipality of Mumbai runs more than 1,000 primary and secondary schools where education is provided in the student's mother tongue (mainly Marathi, English Hindi and Urdu,). Marathi is a compulsory subject in all municipal schools. Primary education is free according to the rules of the Indian government though some schools do charge a minimal fee for text books and school uniforms. Some of the top schools in Mumbai are : Christ Church School, Cathedral and John Connan school, St. John’s Universal School, Beacon High School, Rustomjee Cambridge International School, Ajmera Global School and Lilavatibai Podar Senior Secondary High School to name a few.

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