When? How? WHY?!

These are questions we’d ask ourselves when we begin to realize the need for a ‘change’.
This happen when we become aware that something hasn’t been working the way we’ve had wanted or expected it would, and we were left with the sour taste of disappointment, sorrow or plain emotional hurt.

When our mind begins to ask those big questions it means that we’re finally ready to know the real answers; even though when these answers may be something we won’t like to hear or acknowledge.

Many times, it is easier for our egotistic and ignorant mind to point out and blame something or somebody else for the challenges and disappointments we go through in our lives than to take notice of our responsibility and participation in the outcome we deny any part of. Sometimes we can even go a step further trying to change someone whom we’ve had considered to be the responsible for the conditions we’re in, ending up head-crashing against the discovery that the only one we can change are ourselves.

I believe that’s the threshold where humanity it’s in right now.
There are many people around the world that are beginning to wake up to a new perception of the world at large and to their own individual concept of what we call reality in which nothing is what it seems but rather something we’ve all unconsciously helped to create, even if through silent acceptance.

We’re at a time like no other on our human civilization in which we can observe the need for a massive change in the way we’ve been handling our human affairs. But this situation becomes far more delicate, when we learn that the only way for a long term change to occur is that it must begin within ourselves, at the deepest level of our consciousness; it must arise from the inside- out.

In order to begin to individually create this shift of our consciousness and access a higher level of awareness we must start by asking ourselves the toughest questions of them all. Those questions we’ve never dare to ask.
Our belief system probably isn’t even of our own creation, but rather passed onto us by others before us, which found a good fit for them in the times they were living hundreds or even thousands of years ago but which does not longer suit the current inhabitant of this planet at the beginning of the XXI century, holding us back from the next leap toward our evolution.

We must wonder and understand what ‘lies’ we have unknowingly accepted as truths, unconsciously helping us to create our current paradigms of mistaken understandings based on fear and separation from our universe and the true quantum dimension of what we’ve called ‘reality’.

We cannot expect for planetary evolution to happen by itself, it must start within each and everyone one of us. It doesn’t require much, but it does require some. It requires a conscious willingness to step onto full conscious awareness of our thoughts, of our words and our deeds; just a quiet and peaceful introspection within ourselves. Merely a willingness of mind and an opening of heart to ask questions and to remain quiet to listen for the answers that will come up; even if these answers challenge and contradict what we’ve always been taught to believe… and to remain specially open when they do!

When was the last time you have a quiet moment for and by yourself? No television, no music, no phone; no distractions at all… Just you with yourself… You’ve got to start somewhere, and there is no better point to summon inner growth than by being with your quiet self for a few minutes every day. You don’t require a long time… Just ten or fifteen minutes a day, once you’re back in home after your work day will be enough…

If you live in a very crowed home, with many family members or just noisy, you can go outside, or you can also sit in your car for a little while. What is important is that you do your best to be as quiet as you possible can and without interruptions. Once you achieve this stillness, you may get surprised of all the noise you’ve had in your own thinking mind that you’ were not aware of… You may observe this noise, but try to refrain yourself from ‘reacting’ to it…

As you begin to incorporate these simple new steps into your daily life you will begin to notice something beginning to stir within you… an extra sense of awareness and clarity. You mind will feel more ‘crisp’ and alert…
Another step you could begin to incorporate could be to pay closer attention to what type of ‘energy’ you introduce into your marvelous mind on a day to day basis. Who you hang out with? What do you usually watch on TV? What and who you listen to? You may be surprised about what you have unconsciously allowed to penetrate your subconscious mind.

Does it empower you on a positive way to achieve a better sense of well- being or does it drain you out? Every external input we receive through our five physical senses have an effect and a subconscious influence and suggestion over our rational thinking and our decision making process, even when we’re not aware.

Avoiding watching negative television programming just before going to bed and just after waking up in the morning would also be a great new habit you could incorporate into a more conscious new routine since it is especially during both of these moments when the subconscious mind it’s more susceptible to external influences.

These are just a few simple new actions you can begin to easily and consciously adopt. As you feel more comfortable with them, you will feel more inclined to incorporate still another little step forward…

Overall, if you fall back into old habits of behavior, don’t be too hard on yourself. Be kind and just chose again. Ultimately it’s all a matter of making conscious decisions at all times that will bring us all a greater good.

Becoming aware of your inner self it’s one of the first step you can take to begin to create a better planet for all of us… you don’t require anything else to do this… But all starts with you!

Adrian A. Boniardi
Awakening Life Coach- ‘Meditar, Underwater Meditation
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Adrian A. Boniardi is the founder and CEO of ‘Meditar, Underwater Meditation’ based in South Florida. He's a certified Life Coach that specializes on the 'Spiritual Awakening' process; a combination that fits well when helping his clients rip the hidden benefits of what it has been called 'The Dark Night of the Soul'.
Adrian A. Boniardi has gone through the 'Awakening' process himself, and it was while going through this experience that he found divine inspiration to create 'Meditar, Underwater Meditation'. Totally unaware of what he was experiencing, he began asking questions to ‘Life’ about the process of ‘Life’ itself. His answers helped him to transform his life in a spectacular way.
For more information about Underwater Meditation or to schedule a complimentary consultation with Adrian you can go to: UnderwaterMeditation.com