Inner wisdom gives you direct guidance for inspired action. It shifts your view of daily situations. It reveals patterns and your place and purpose in them. Through self-reflection you know your true feelings. You get in touch with who you really are. You increase your understanding and embrace a larger way of being. Through self-reflection you learn ways to receive your inner wisdom.

Learn to recognize your life patterns for self-knowledge and wholeness.

Patterns reveal the identity of something and show you how to relate. They give you information from the past that you can project into the future. Your task is to look deeper and assemble this information into meaningful patterns. Reflecting on your life patterns leads to self-knowledge and wholeness. You develop a blueprint for being in the world.

Pattern recognition and interpretation develops through self-reflection. It helps you intuit what to expect. It guides you in making wise choices. You choose good thoughts, words and actions deliberately. You let go of old habits that no longer serve you. You gain insight in recognizing the larger picture and its meaning for your life. With quiet reflection you move toward greater self-knowledge and wholeness.

Learn to remember dreams as a link between inner and outer worlds.

Dreams represent your inner world as you struggle with the demands of your outer world. They help you maintain inner balance. They often provide insights to resolve problems. Dreams take you beyond the limits of your physical body. Think of dreams as messages from your inner Self.

Before you sleep, make an affirmation to remember your dreams. Keep a journal and pen by your bed to record your dreams upon waking. Be cautious of dream books. Far more significant, what does the dream mean to you personally? How did you feel during your dream and upon waking? Negative emotions often signal that you are not creating what is for your highest good. Dream work helps you develop the ability to communicate with your inner Self.

Learn to trust your intuition as a way to grasp the whole picture.

Intuition helps you recognize patterns at a subconscious level. It requires openness and receptivity to your hunches. Often children are taught to ignore their hunches. But you need intuition to grasp the whole picture or essence of something.

The development of intuition enhances your psychic abilities. Living in the present moment, you pay attention to your feelings and honor your hunches. It is wise to double check any guidance they give you. Intuition is always available. During times of uncertainty intuition often reveals patterns of thinking and acting that no longer serve you.

You develop inner sight and promote your spiritual growth through self-reflection. But you may have illusions that hold you in place. They drain your energy. They keep you from living authentically. As example, you may use one common illusion to fixate on thoughts of what should be rather than what is.

A personal vision helps you to resolve the demon of illusion. It frees you from the past and leads you forward. It shapes your energy as you grow and evolve. It gives meaning and purpose to your life. A personal vision serves as a blueprint for a new way of being.

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Dr. Mary Beth Ford is the author of Wisdom from the Gardens—Life Lessons and creator of the CD Garden Wisdom—5 Ways to Grow in Life Balance and Joy. She specializes in the area of life balance, which she describes as balance between outer world and inner Self. In her work Mary Beth shares five powerful garden lessons for living with balance and joy. She helps busy people live with Spirit in the world. Using nature images she offers us a new way of seeing ourselves and our world.

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