Magento platform offers a plethora of features and flawless functionalities. The blog talks about how to use them for boosting sales of your online business.

Evolution is synonymous with eCommerce businesses! If you adapt to the changes, your online store will definitely have a competitive edge for sure. When we talk about adaptability and customization, the first name that strikes is: Magento! This open source platform has set new parameters in the domain of eCommerce. User-friendly features and a flawless performance have made it one of the most preferred platforms.

Do you think that merely having a Magento Store would increase your sales? From running a marketing campaign to offering discounts, you exercise every possible mean to make your business a hit! But have you ever thought of making your website user-friendly? In other words, have you thought of making the most from feature-rich Magento platform? Not yet? No problem!

Let’s start with some interesting facts! Magento 2 platform accounts for average 3 times higher sales growth as compared to other platforms. As an online store owner, you can reduce operational costs up to 50 percent thanks to Magento platform. Customized Magento 2 Extensions can please your customers with impeccable performance. You can always rely on this platform for your online business.

We have come up with a ‘to-do’ list that comes handy for you:

Speed up Your Store

As you cope with the growing competition, the speed of your eCommerce site remains a crucial factor. Site speed determines accessibility, usability, and of course, visibility! Do you know that Google prefers websites that load within 2 to 3 seconds? The outcome? Well, you must increase the speed of your Magento store. Thankfully, you can use powerful Magento 2 Extensions for performance optimization to reduce the PLT (Page Load Time) for your store.

Make Your Store Mobile-friendly

So, you hate to miss any leads! All you can do is to make your store mobile-friendly. It can drive more mobile customers. It also helps you improve SERP ranking. You can get more leads and higher conversion rates with a responsive eCommerce website. You can make your shop mobile-friendly with ease because both Magento Blank and Luma themes in Magento 2 platform support mobile-first RWD (Responsive Web Design) approach.

Put Efforts for SEO

One of the most crucial factors for improving sales online is SEO. If your Magento store comes in the first few search pages, it will get more visits. ‘Magento SEO’ facilitates you to optimize your website in a better way. Magento 2 has an SEO-friendly architecture and addresses the latest SEO ranking factors. You can improve the visibility with its URL structure and meta-implementation options. You can also use Magento analytics to track activities of your visitors.

Give Proper Product Description with Images

What appeals your visitors the most? The answer: A Clear and elaborative product description with high quality images. You should also show multiple images from different angles. Such images can offer a better understanding of the product. Fortunately, Magento 2 enables you to manage metadata and facilitates you to put many photos. Customers would love your website if they get all the information about your products with ease.

Simplify Checkout Process

As your customer arrives at the cart page, you win half the battle! Now, Magento 2 offers the single page checkout with just two steps. Is that all you need to get the order? No! You need a customized theme and other optimizations to make checkout simple and user-friendly. You can even change the size and color of the “Proceed to Checkout” button and layout in line with your business model.

Offer Multiple Payment Options

Checkout process and integration of various payment gateways go hand in hand. You can handle both them easily with Magento 2. The platform offers improved connectivity with external systems. You can offer multiple payment options to your customers like PayPal, Afterpay, etc. These days, as various payment options are available, your customers will appreciate this move! You can also use Magento 2 extensions for streamlining checkout and payment processes.

Strengthen Online Marketing Campaign

Let’s face it! Even if you have a feature-rich Magento eCommerce store, you cannot attract people without aggressive online marketing. But here too, Magento 2 acts as a loyal partner. You can use options like Multi-Tier Pricing, Bundled Products, Flexible Coupons, etc. for promoting your products. Magento also offers landing page tools especially designed to run campaigns. So, get ready to leverage marketing automation and strengthen your marketing efforts.

Address Audience in Their Language

Most of the recent open source eCommerce platforms have minimal options in the language and currency front. But, Magento 2 is an exception. It supports multiple languages. You can always utilize this feature with customized Magento 2 extensions. It is easy to address the targeted audience in their language with multilingual support. Magento also supports all the currencies dynamically. You can give currency options to the customers with this feature.


The above given tips will make things a lot easier for you! However, never think that this is all you can do to boost sales for your Magento store. Explore, Experiment, and Experience other ways as well to stay ahead of the curve.

Happy Online Selling!

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Mr.Maulik Shah is the Founder and CEO at Biztech Consulting and Solutions. He has a keen eye on technological advancements in the domains of ecommerce, mobile app and web development, and CMS. He loves to write on the ecommerce trends and Magento 2 extensions.