The diversity of India is not limited only to its cultures and heritage but it also proffers an assortment in terms of taste, choice and preference of every individual. Every form of media whether it’s electronic or prints is on a roll in terms of power, demand and development. Like essential nutrients, we are intaking latest news everyday on a sufficient quantity and all thanks goes to the 24 hours news channels and newspapers. They are trying their best to cater every possible need of their viewers and readers respectively. Especially electronics media are going beyond their means to satisfy the demands of their daily audiences; they are breaking the conventional manacles and rendering mass media a whole new and improved look. Whatever your taste of news may be, these channels have the right flavors for you. If you are fond of hard news then they have for you a whole plethora of national news, world news, regional news like Punjab news or West Bengal news. But if you’re someone who watches television only for entertainment then you have Entertainment news, sports news like Hockey news, cricket updates and a lot many. So basically these 24 hours news channels have something of everything.
• News knows no boundary and so are these 24 hour news channels. They are anywhere and everywhere. You can say, they have almost rigged the entire planet with their highly enhanced cameras, so that nothing can escape from their and your sight. They are not only telecasting any event or occurrence live but sometimes they even reach before something could actually take place. This is also to some extent due to the cut throat competitions between different news channels.
• Besides national and international media, regional media is also making their presence felt like never before. They are of great aid to people, especially the backward classes who understands only their regional dialect. Every state has their language news channels that broadcast regional news like Punjab news, Kerala news, Gujrati news etc.
• For today’s 24 hours news channels knowledge, information and entertainment goes hand in hand and perhaps for that reason and also to offer their viewers a subtle break from the graveness of hard news, these channels buys separate slots to telecast Entertainment News, financial news, sports news like cricket or Hockey news. In other words they are complete entertainer.
• Unlike earlier times, the news channels of today apart from only aiming at middle aged or old people are also trying to attract teenagers and youth by offering a variety of programmes like sports updates, debates or discussion on education, Bollywood and Hollywood gossips, movie updates and celebrity interviews.
Kudos to this 24 hours news channels who are leaving a mark in every genus of news reporting. Either you go for regional news like Punjab news or opt for Entertainment news or sport news like Hockey news; these channels have every delicacy always ready to be served.

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