Online world is home to millions of competitors who are deploying new techniques and strategies to retain their position in this competitive arena. So, if you intent to make your first step into the online arena, you need to have a well-equipped website which speaks more about your business and incorporates many captivating features. When it’s up to web application development, Microsoft technologies are one of the best tools in the present days. A large number of website developers are making use of Microsoft technologies to sculpt the web applications according to their expectations.

Among the different types of Microsoft technologies, has its own unique place as a popular technology. Moreover, a latest survey depicts that nearly 27,428,717 sites are using Web application development is a complex phase which requires powerful tools while designing the applications. development can resolve the complex issues that arise while developing web applications with its flexible features that are effective and easy to apply.

Some important features that pinpoint the importance of development are listed below:

Flexible language options:
When writing source codes you are not restricted with just one or two coding languages. You can make use of nearly 25 .Net languages like VB.Net, Jscript.Net, C# and much more. This flexible feature is one of the important reasons for its increasing usage.

Easy to use:
It’s very easy to learn and implement this Microsoft technology because almost all its concepts are simple and doesn’t require any complex functions.

Requires fewer codes:
Unlike older languages, Microsoft technology does not need several pages of source codes. It requires less coding when compared to other complex programming languages. Source codes can also be designed from scraps thus, overall reducing time and enhancing the output.

Quicker compiled execution:
Applications compiled in this technology run quicker and with less errors. One of the added features of this technology is that it automatically detects the changes and if required it will compile the files and save the output for future reference.

Automatic protection: development has automatic features that detect problems like dead lock and memory leaks automatically and recovers from the error to offer continuous performance without the need for any frequent manual operations.

Reliable: technology is packed with several features that are pretty useful in resolving many complex issues that arise during its execution. This automatic detection and recovery features makes it one of the best enterprise application developing language.

Flexible tool support:
Tools like text editor, and notepad supports this technology. For example, offers integrated support for debugging and deploying web applications.

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The author is a business development manager at a reputed web design and development company. The author has immense knowledge in Microsoft technologies and CMS development like nopcommerce and Umbraco ecommerce.