Keeping in mind that life happens; have you ever heard it said that where you are in life is a result of the decisions you have made? If you are in a good place, you are probably feeling pretty good about that statement. If you are in a negative place, you may be looking for someone to blame. You could blame parents, relatives, girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands, wives, friends, children, even your boss or co-worker. It is true that any of these people could have had an important role in the decisions, but the decision in regards to you, was yours. Consider changing your perspective and take responsibility for where you are in your life.
Decisions that you make can affect your life daily and can start at an early age; as early as pre-teen or teenage years.

Rather pre-teen or adults some decisions you make can affect you for the rest of your life. A decision not to go to school or study, have sex, unprotected sex, get involved in gangs or sell drugs. The result of those decisions respectfully could be poor grades, not graduating, pregnancy, disease or both, jail, death or both. A decision to get in or stay in a relationship could cost you financially, mentally and physically. A decision to hang out with the wrong people could cost you success. You can try something one time and it cost you years of your life or your life. However, because you make decisions daily, everyday you have an opportunity to turn your life around. “Evil communications corrupt good manners,” so if everyone in your group of friends has the same life you have; I suggest your first decision should be to change your group, change your friends.

If you are in Christ and you knowingly make a decision to sin and continue in that sin, the first thing that usually happens is that you do not want to be in the presence of God because of the conviction you feel. You are feeling that way usually because God loves you and has been so good to you and you consciously made a decision to step outside of his word. Now, you cannot hear from God. But God did not leave you, you left Him. So now that you cannot hear from God, you are on your own in the decision making process. So now many decisions YOU MAKE, you make all by yourself, without God. You are in trouble now! The thing about sin is after you stay in it for a while, you start thinking it is okay or you just do not think about it at all. You will!

Glendal McClure said there are three things that sin will do 1) take your farther than you want to go 2) keep you longer than you want to stay 3) cost you more than you want to pay. So when you think about where you are in life and say, I would never do this to myself. Think back, to the first decision you knowingly made to step outside of Gods will and remember many of the decisions you made after that, you made without God.

Now! Thank God for his grace and mercy that kept you through all of those poor choices and lead you back to Him. My suggestion and advice, is that you get up, dust yourself off, accept responsibility, repent and get back to the life God has planned for you. It is NOT too late. God said He would never leave you or forsake you and He has not.

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My name is Crystal and it fits because I'm pretty transparent. Sometimes I think a little outside the box and I think that is a good thing. It is my desire that my words be with grace, seasoned with salt, that I may know how to answer every person. Let's talk,chat,communicate,converse,discuss
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