The home kitchen is where culinary skills are put to use in creating masterful dishes. Front and center among the accouterments is the range and stovetop; it is here that the home chef performs the majority of his or her craft. A professional range not only serves to complete the kitchen design, but allows for the elevation of cooking to an art form. Choosing the right kitchen appliances is a key decision; the range itself is the highlight.

Professional Ranges For The Kitchen

A homeowner decides on the type of kitchen range based on several factors, not the least of which is the amount and type of food preparation anticipated. Also to be considered is the general design of the kitchen. The location of a professional range is determined by the overall layout of the kitchen; an island arrangement calls for a range that can be installed in an area that fits perfectly with the counter space in the center of the room itself. Existing cabinetry and appliances, as well as location of outlets and ventilation pipes determines the size and shape limitations. Modern professional ranges come in a huge variety of styles and color schemes, many with cleverly engineered stovetops that become part of the countertop itself. Measuring the space that is desired for the installation of a range can be matched up with the models available to find the perfect unit that blends harmoniously with the rest of the kitchen.

Modern Technology Built Into Professional Ranges

Luxurious ranges for the kitchen are built with applied technology to give the home chef complete control. Important features of a well-designed range include dual-energy source (gas and electric), glass-covered baking elements that insure even heat distribution, advanced temperature controls, and digital timing clocks. The stovetop on many professional range models includes a wok ring, griddle, and continuous platform grates. The latest models are the most energy efficient ranges ever designed, and are carefully manufactured to package with optional equipment such as ventilator hoods. These professional ranges come in exciting chrome, stainless steel or copper finishes and are self-cleaning units that have smooth exterior design that prevents buildup of grime.

Computerized Controls On Modern Ranges

The perfect range includes modern touchpad controls that allows not only easy timing of food preparation, but also has features such as LCD display, multiple temperature scheduling, and temperature hold for keeping foods warm. Many also have an interactive menu that informs the chef of certain baking, broiling or stovetop cooking options for a particular food.

Size And Shape Matters

A professional range may be almost any shape design, from the traditional dual-rack and 4-element stovetop most commonly used, to more luxurious models that have separate baking and broiling chambers, countertop grills, and covered searing units that operate at extremely high heat levels. A quick tour of all available models by different manufacturers will give prospective customers a good overview of the look these ranges will present when incorporated into the kitchen. Such a wide spectrum of outer appearances and colors make it easy to find a style that blends perfectly with the existing features of any individual kitchen.

Nothing completes a kitchen quite like a high quality range and stovetop. Modern professional ranges allow the home chef to take total control over food preparation, and make for a most satisfying culinary art experience.

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