THE BASICS – “Where it all begins!”

In the last decade an explosion has occurred. The Laws of the Universe – the laws of attraction – the laws of abundance are now being made available to the masses. An electrical current is running through the planet as a plethora of information reaches the mainstream in a new way. Workshops offered by Esther Hicks who brings forth the group of Light Beings called ABRAHAM and J.Z. Knight who channels a being referred to as RAMTHA are being attended by the thousands.

Movies such as ‘The Secret’ and ‘What The Bleep Do We Know!’ featuring the visionary, Michael Beckwith; authors such as Jack Canfield, John Gray and Lisa Nichols; Philosophers such as Bob Proctor and James Arthur Ray and Quantum Physicists such as John Hagelin and Fred Alan Wolf have taken the world by storm as they reveal the magic of these ancient laws.

What is the law of attraction? It is simply the law of the universe which states that what we think and feel emits a vibrational frequency of energy which attracts a vibrational match. In other words—what we see and feel we create. And now, for the first time, this information is being delivered cinematically and is reaching those who have not found these truths through the written word. People are excited. Lives are changing. There is magic all around as many are experiencing the laws of attraction and abundance first hand. They manifest that pre-paved parking place; their desired relationship; that divine-right job and they feel exuberant. Then suddenly the magic dampens. They become frightened and disillusioned. Many assume they are doing something wrong. They experience fear – then shame – then anger – then despair. What happens?

What happens is some part of us begins to fear our own success. We begin to fear our true mastery. Our wounded inner child takes center stage and begins the process of sabotage. It sabotages our efforts to succeed in an attempt to protect us from failure. It sabotages our efforts to succeed because, simply, it fears our success!

It is a scientifically-proven fact that our mind does not know
the difference between what is real and what is imagined.
What we conceive we achieve.

The storyline of the movie, “What the Bleep Do We Know?” weaves a woman’s addictive battles with quirky animation to depict the impact our thoughts have on every cell of our body. Sprinkled between the real and imaginary scenes are interviews with some of the world’s most renowned quantum physicists, spiritualists and alternative healers who substantiate the movie’s suggestions with compelling research and extraordinary possibilities.

One significant scene features the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto who “…discovered that crystals formed in frozen water reveal changes when specific, concentrated thoughts are directed toward them. He found that water from clear springs and water that has been exposed to loving words shows brilliant, complex, and colorful snowflake patterns. In contrast, polluted water, or water exposed to negative thoughts, forms incomplete, asymmetrical patterns with dull colors.”

When you focus positive, loving thoughts on your dreams your mind starts the process of creating them—UNLESS those thoughts get ambushed by your doubts and fears which then create chaos and frustration.

If terror, betrayal, fear of abandonment or shame are attached to the manifestation of our dreams, those dreams will eventually be annihilated with negativity. If our dreams are based on the values of others instead of our own internal values and desires—we deny the essence of our true self. The manifestation of our dreams is contingent on our being connected to our true self. When we are not connected, we feel a loss—not only of our dreams—but also a loss of our true self!

This loss of our true self evolves when we adapt to other’s expectations and become who we think we need to be in hopes of feeling accepted and loved. This loss activates the process of grief. It is involuntary. It is a natural, predictable series of emotional responses encountered any time we experience a loss of any kind. These emotional responses affect the way we think and the manner in which we express our emotions.

“What the Bleep Do We Know?” offers its audience the latest scientific research supporting the existence of a bio-chemical component linked to these emotional responses. What you think, feel and say plays such a profound role that you literally can (and unconsciously do) use your thoughts, feelings and statements to impact your cells.

Athletes know this. Cancer-survivors know this. They have long known the power of positive, deliberate intention and affirmation. They employ these techniques with great success.

What most of us do not keep in mind, on a day-to-day basis, however, is the fact that when our thoughts, feelings and statements are negative—they produce negative results. Our cells flat-line…become lethargic…and are programmed to energetically attract exactly what we think and envision. If we tell ourselves we are fat, our cells create fat. If we tell ourselves we are a failure, we create situations in which we fail. If we fear getting hurt, we attract hurtful situations. This pattern of negative belief systems, self-negating feelings and incriminating self-talk begins in childhood in response to the first moment we confront not feeling safe and experience the “essential wound.”

The Essential Wound—Each of us experienced that climatic moment when we realized we were not safe. It is part of the human experience. Hal Bennett in his book, Follow Your Bliss, referred to this moment as the essential wound. Our psyche experiences a trauma which shatters our basic assumption about our world. This trauma can be a result of neglect, sexual or physical abuse or mental cruelty through shame and belittlement. It can be experienced in this lifetime or can even be carried over from a previous lifetime. The DNA blueprint of our first remembered Soul experience of being unsafe can even be carried in the etheric body and impact the force field of our current incarnation.

In response to this realization, irrespective of its origin, our psyche goes into shock. We either dissociate from the emotion of the event or bury recall of the event, thus banishing the memory deep into the unconscious mind. The stress of these traumas, however, gets recorded in the electrical systems of our bodies and ultimately emerges as symptoms of what is called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder-PTSD—Until recently it was thought that PTSD impacted only combat veterans. Now scientists know that, in fact, not only are survivors of atrocities such as the Holocaust, torture, war, natural disasters, catastrophic illnesses, and horrific accidents susceptible to PTSD—but anyone who is exposed to an on-going threat to his or her safety, such as physical or sexual abuse, rape, domestic violence, family alcoholism, or any experience which threatens one’s basic survival can develop a form of PTSD. Remarkably, this holds true even if a person witnesses a traumatic event. If, as a child, you observed the abuse of your mother or the abuse of a sibling, you can develop debilitating symptoms from just having been a witness.

Traumas of great magnitude shatter our basic assumption about the world and our personal safety. The impact can leave us feeling alienated, distrustful or overly clinging. These responses are buried and emerge only when there is a trigger which brings these feelings back to the surface. Our affirmations serve as this trigger. Underneath the surface, the electrically-charged emotions related to these traumas are forever coded in our bodies and are conditioning our cells to attract exactly that which we most fear. The process becomes circular—our fear perpetuates this Post Traumatic Stress response and our PTS response perpetuates our fear. Our fear creates anxiety. Anxiety is the first stage of grief. We are perpetually responding to the never-ending loss of our true self. Why? Because when we feel unsafe, we deny our true self and develop the adapted self as we become who we think we need to be in order to be loved and protected.

The Bio-Chemical Perspective—Author, Candace Pert—a neuroscientist who is also featured in the film “What the Bleep Do We Know?” provides a very compelling, bio-chemical explanation for the circular impact of our perpetual grief. When asked why we keep getting into the same kinds of relationships, having the same kinds of arguments, repeating the same patterns she replies,

“…Every emotion circulates through our body as chemicals called neuropeptides—“short-chain” amino acids—that talk to every cell of our body deciding what is worth paying attention to.
When these peptides repeatedly bombard the receptor sites, the sites become less sensitive and require more peptides to be stimulated. Receptors actually begin to crave the neuropeptides they are designed to receive. In this sense our bodies become addicted to emotional states. When we have repeated experiences that generate the same emotional response, our bodies develop an appetite for these experiences. Like addicts, we will draw experiences toward us that give us that fix…”
If we are constantly being exposed to neglect and abuse, we start paying attention.
We develop an almost hyper-vigilant anticipation of the abuse—
and when we anticipate it we attract and create it.

Lynn Grabhorn, in her best-selling book entitled Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting, states “Modern-day physicists have finally come to agree that energy and matter are one and the same…everything vibrates, because everything—what you can see and not see—is energy…pure, pulsing, ever-flowing energy. Just like the sound which pours out of a musical instrument, some energy vibrates fast from high frequencies and some vibrate slowly from low frequencies…The energy that flows out from us comes from our highly-charged emotions which create highly charged electro-magnetic wave patterns of energy, making us powerful—but volatile—walking magnets. Like attracts like. When we’re experiencing anything that isn’t joy or love, such as fear, worry, guilt…we are sending out low-frequency vibrations…they’re going to attract only cruddy stuff back to us… It is always a vibrational match.”

In my 30 years of experience helping individuals arrest their addictive behavior and heal their childhood and Soul wounds, I have observed this same dynamic from a slightly different angle. I have observed that most of us, when conditioned to anticipate a certain response, attempt to manage the anxiety and fear which accompany that anticipation. Our psyches cannot sustain the on-going experience of anxiety which ultimately develops into the symptoms of our PTSD. In an attempt to manage our emotions we flip between the second, third and fourth stages of grief which are bargaining, rage and despair.

Co-dependent Bargain Versus Self-preserving Rage And Despair—When individuals muster up enough courage to begin the process of confronting their childhood pain, it soon becomes apparent that at a very young age—when faced with an experience which shattered their basic sense of safety—they either became active in early co-dependent behavior; lashed out in anger at others or shut down, became sullen, depressed and closed off to feeling anything. I call this the fight, flight or make it right response! All responses are attempts to cover up the underlying feeling of loss related to believing we are not good enough to be loved and protected. We begin to believe the problem is with us. Our parents are not protecting us or making us feel safe because there is something wrong with us. This is the source of our negative self-talk and it sets off the cycle of the shame/blame game.

The Cycle Of Shame And Blame—Our shame is the source of our self-incriminations. We assume we need to be perfect in order to be loved and when we fail, we feel shame or we project the feelings out onto others and blame them for our deficiencies and disappointments. We super-impose the experiences of our past onto the situations of our present. The faces of strangers become the faces of those who betrayed and disappointed us. We forever get caught in the cycle of feeling shame for not being good enough or placing blame on those who disappointed and hurt us. The shame/blame game creates a cycle which is never-ending…and that cycle is the process of grief. The process of grief has five stages. The first is panic and is experienced in the form of our PTSD. To manage this panic we fluctuate between the second, third and fourth stages of grief. We bargain, rage or feel despair.

If we get caught in the loop of the second stage, we bargain with the experience by attempting to make deals with the lost object in hopes of retrieving it. If the loss is our sense of safety, we attempt to retrieve that safety by fixing the situation which resulted in the loss in the first place. If a loss such as this occurs in childhood, we develop behaviors whose intent is to win back the favor of the disapproving or abusive parent. Our bargain goes something like this…“Mommy, if I am a good little girl and never make you angry—then will you love me enough to make me feel safe?” Of course, we can never be perfect enough to be re-instated to this sense of safety. We can perpetually get caught in the bargaining stage of grief enacted through our co-dependent behavior of trying. We can spend lifetimes trying to be re-instated!

When this does not work, we shift between the third and fourth stages of grief—anger and despair. If your anger is turned outward and projected onto others, you are operating in the third stage of grief. If the anger is turned inward in the form of depression or despair, you are operating in the fourth stage of grief. Until your grief is processed through expression and neutralized with a technique such as EFT you will be forever caught in the vicious cycle.

Our PTSD activates our need to manage this discomfort. We react by either a fight (anger), flight (despair) or make it right (co-dependency) response. We may find moments of peace—but the cycle of our grief is raging just below the surface and emerges whenever we encounter a situation which resonates with our original, essential wound.

The Shame Of Our Imperfections—The motivating force behind the grief process—and its perpetual re-enactment—is our feeble attempt to ward off the insurmountable fear of abandonment and loss resulting from the shame of our imperfections. The panic which accompanies this ever-present fear is intolerable. It fuels the inner child’s sabotage. It continually circulates through our body sending messages to our cells that not only are we not safe (which triggers panic) but our lack of safety is our fault (which triggers shame). We come to believe we are not worthy and lovable enough to be protected. We unconsciously hold onto the hope that if we can just be good enough—perfect enough—“they” will come through for us and be able and willing to love us and make us feel safe. This inner belief becomes the foundation of our need to be perfect. Our pursuit of perfection gives us a focus for the tension created by the fear we may fail.

But we do fail. We fail because there is no such thing as perfection. When we fail, we end back in the middle of the tumultuous emotions of our essential wound—the fear—the panic—the disconnection from our true self. We end up back in the cycle of grief.

This cycle is the essence of the twists and bends in our DNA make–up. It is the root of our energy disturbances and energetic imbalances. It is this bio-chemical response which reinforces this pattern over and over and keeps continually bombarding the receptor sites with the peptides which disarm us.

Let The Healing Begin—In order to become fulfilled and healthy adults who can manifest our heart’s desire we have to intervene in this cycle. We have to revise our false belief that we are not good enough and challenge our pursuit of perfection. We have to grieve the original loss of safety—express and process the anger and despair of the Post Traumatic Stress associated with our loss and reprogram the cellular coding of our DNA. This modality accomplishes that task.
Revising Your False Belief—Challenging Your Pursuit Of Perfection—This process deals with the mental body and the belief systems which developed in response to our not feeling safe. The mental body or mind carries the need to understand. It is the part of us who reads with such diligence to try to make sense of what happened and what needs to happen for things to change. Knowledge is power. When we come to know that the only true source of safety is the divine, we step into our empowerment and can orchestrate our own healing. As John Bradshaw stated in the mid-eighties, there is no human security!”

The only way to challenge the belief system of our perfectionism—the source of our shame—the belief that we are not good enough—is to operate from the illuminated, adult self. It is he or she who is connected enough with the Higher Source to be able to respond to and retrieve the wounded inner child or Soul part who felt the loss in the first place. That wounded self will let go of the old belief system when he or she experiences a different reality in the interaction with this illuminated you. You create your own reality and therefore you are empowered to envision a new experience for this wounded self. In your mind’s eye you retrieve this wounded self; neutralize his or her feelings with EFT and then create whatever reality he or she needs in order to feel safe. Remember, the mind does not know the difference between what is real or imagined. What we can conceive we can achieve.

Grieving The Original Loss with EFT—This process responds to your emotional body and it is the Seven Layered Inner Child / EFT Sequences which map the way. Targeting your inner child’s grief with the tapping sequences of Gary Craig’s Emotional Freedom Techniques offers a viable method for your adult self to neutralize the affects of this anxiety and grief. When this anxiety is neutralized the inner child witnesses that he or she can survive. In fact, being rescued by the adult self is proof of this. You now have a part of you who can escort the wounded self through all of the feelings of grief and the EFT sequences provide the vehicle to succeed. You are able to tap through to the panic and move into neutralizing the franticness of trying to control the situation. By neutralizing this frantic need to bargain you are able to move into the rage of the loss in the first place. The adult self helps the inner child get the anger out of his or her body. And when the inner child has expressed its rage and it has been neutralized he or she can collapse into despair. True despair is standing in the center of the void of the loss with the ability to tolerate the emptiness. Your inner child has no need to distract with your addictions. He or she does not have to deny with disruptions. You stand side by side with your inner child naked in the truth of the loss and embrace its rawness without fear. The tumultuous emotions of your essential wound emerge to be neutralized and the emotions resulting from your PTSD, subside. They have found release and give way to a calm which can only be experienced once the truth has been spoken. This is true whether you are dealing with the memory of an inner child or the recall of an aspect of your Soul. When the emotions have been released and neutralized, the circuitry of both the physical and etheric bodies is forever changed and you are in a position to download a new program into the DNA make-up of each cell. Again, you can accomplish this task with the use of EFT.

Reprogramming Your DNA with Source Energy and EFT Tapping Sequences—DNA is a large molecule, shaped like a double helix and found primarily in the chromosomes of the cell nucleus. The DNA contains the genetic information of the cell. The DNA forms a double helix, two elongated molecular chains (like staircases) that wrap around each other. DNA tells our cells what they have been; what they will continue to be and what they will become. The DNA is the blueprint for our life processes. Each cell of our bodies contains the complete genetic code for the whole body.

According to Margaret Ruby, founder of The Possibilities DNA Vibrational Healing School, “…Our body’s communication systems have been broken down due to feelings from limiting beliefs. There is a vibrational interference pattern attached to this limiting belief, causing negative, low vibrational emotions, which affect and distort our DNA…When two energy waves (thoughts and feelings) pass the same point and are out of phase, they interact and create a low vibrational, low wave interference that can, in turn, create physical or emotional imbalance…DNA then replicates this interference pattern which has a twist and slight bend to it…

These twists and bends have to be neutralized if we are to heal and manifest a productive, successful and satisfactory life.

Dr. Joe Dispenza—also featured in “What the Bleep Do We Know?” comments, “…the remarkable component to this dynamic is the fact that as our cells split—and they do split and recreate—they carry the energy of the old cell. It does not split with a fresh start. A cell’s off-spring carries the imprint of the parent cell at the time of the split. Negativity begets negativity and positive reinforcement begets positive reinforcement!”

There are trillions of cells in your body and within each and every cell is the nucleus, the mastermind for the blueprint of your life. The stories recorded in your DNA determine the course of your relationships, your wealth, your health and your career. What happens to you on your life journey is a result of what is written in the life code of your DNA. When this blueprint becomes faulty—the communication between each cell is faulty. This faulty communication is in response to the wounds experienced in childhood. It is established in response to the fears, disappointments and hurts encountered when you were unable to fend for yourself.

Connecting with Source Energy, as is promoted by spiritual teachings such as those which are channeled by Esther Hicks in The Teachings of Abraham, enables the adult self to repair this faulty communication. By activating your DNA and reprogramming it with the vibration of Source Energy your most illuminated self re-establishes a connection with its intuition and then helps the wounded inner child do the same. The twists and bends, which create the interference patterns of the DNA in every cell in your body, are neutralized and the cells can once again be infused with this vibration of Source Energy. The Seven Layered Inner Child EFT Sequence, inspired by the weave of these three modalities, systematically addresses each stage of this process which ultimately changes the DNA messages of your cells and empowers you to successfully attract that which you desire.

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