What Medicare advantage plans actually do for us that it provides at least the same amount of Medicare coverage that you get under the original form. The advantage plans also come with some more personalized care by offering some extra benefits that are going to be added up to your total cost and which is also pretty much necessary for you in such type of situation. This set of 100 benefits usually include the dental service or the vision service sorry when the hearing service towards your cause and which are not basically covered by the original Medicare itself.

Comparison to the provider access

Number 1

A very basic difference between the original Medicare and the Medicare advantage plans is the way that it is accessible to the doctors or specialists and other providers. While using the original Medicare you are able to go visit any provided that is already enrolled with the Medicare plan and is going to take new patients. whereas on the other hand Medicare advantage plans are quite restricted in this matter. These restrictions may provide you saving on your extensive costs.

Number 2

to have the original Medicare you need just to make an appointment towards the medical unit such as the doctor or the hospital or any physician and have yourself presented with your Medicare card. You don’t actually need to get proper authorization to visit the specialist and along with it you don’t also have to choose from the different networks of providers in your area among the physicians or any kind of special is that you are going to need in that time.

Number 3

with a proper Medicare advantage plan, you will be able to access providers that are different on the type of plan you choose. The health maintenance organization plans are usually the most restrictive ones as this type of plans are going to require you to see only the doctor’s within the plan's network or in the area where the plan is in effect at that time. There is also a type of situation where you may also have to choose a specific primary care doctor and you need to get a referral from that person to see a specialist.

Number 4

And while talking about the preferred provider organization in this sector Medicare advantage plans are willing to give you more provider choice rather than the health maintenance organization plans are going to do. But there is also a fact that you may have to pay a bit more to see a doctor who is not inside the plans provider network as an enrolled physician or unit. there are additional Medicare advantage plan types and you need to have your proper research ready to have the best plan to be chosen for yourself or any member of your family.

The main reason of you being influenced into choosing Medicare advantage plan is that you are getting all the benefits that are already inside in the original Medicare plus some added extra coverage that is going to help you in the moment of your need.

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