The whole process of the Prize bond draw is all carried out through the committee's usage, which has been constituted through the CDNS. CDNS is the abbreviation of the Central Directorate of National Savings. It is fully open to the whole of the accepted public. This whole process of the Prize bond listdraw is carried out with the hand-operated machinery, which is performed right in front of the Committee contributors and the ordinary public that is attending the ceremony of the Prize bond draw.

If you want to claim the winning bond amount, then you must be claiming it in 6 years. Any bond which is older than six years, that specific bond cannot be claimed for the winning amount.

You can never claim for the winning bond amount on the particular draw date. You should always apply for the claim by waiting for a maximum of 3-4 business days. To cross yourself through the request's whole process, you have to fill up the declare form around more than two times. The primary stamp date on top of the bond has to be a maximum of two months older than the draw date. Just those bonds will qualify themselves through the process of drawing that has been purchased at the last two months before that respective draw.

If you have won the winning amount, which is Rs 1250, you can claim the amount by visiting national savings centers. You can even contact the branches approved through the scheduled banks or even the bank branches, which are linked with the State Bank of Pakistan.

If you have won the bond with the winning amount of more than Rs 1250, you need to visit the State Bank of Pakistan and its authorized branches for claiming.

You need to do the sign on the backside of the bond over the original and photocopy. The photo has to be in the photocopy, which has the size and width similar to the original one. Prize bonds are divided into so many different types, which are 4 in total. The first type is about PB-1, which would not be exceeding the amount of more than Rs 1000. The second type is about the PB-23A, which is based on the winning amount of Rs 10,000, which you can claim from the State Bank of Pakistan. The third type of bond is also based on the winning amount of Rs 10,000, which you can claim from the State Bank of Pakistan.

PDO is Public Offices, which will be giving you away with some significant insecurity that has been issued by the side of the Pakistani Government. This is why the demand and need for the Prize bonds have been getting too high as a piece of investment with time.
If you are looking ahead to make money quickly and that too with the less investment, then producing your way into the Prize bond market is the best option for you. They are also non-refundable and do leave some options for you to make a handsome amount of money.

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