Do you sometimes feel overworked, tired or overwhelmed by all the things you have to do in your business?

The endless to-do-list, the chores, the ideas you want to implement once you have the time for it…

I bet you do. (Which is a pretty safe bet. I’ve never met a woman, let alone a woman entrepreneur, who always feels she has all the time in the world.)

The first step towards getting more time is NOT to manage your time.

Time actually has very little to do with it.

Getting more time is all about:

Being in the moment.
Doing one thing at a time and giving that one thing your full and undivided attention. (Multi-tasking is not the answer. Sure, you can watch TV, eat chips and kinda listen to your partner at the same time. But in general, multi-tasking only means you’re doing lots of things half-assed without any fun or love.)
Getting clear on what REALLY matters to you, and what doesn’t. (And letting go of the things you don’t truly care about.)

This video* helps with that last tip.

It’s an instant time-saver, joy-enhancer and rules-screwer. And no, it doesn’t take much time to watch it ;-)

Here's the link:

* This is a video I created for my free 7-day business challenge Unlock Yourself, Unlock Your Potential.

The doors are closed, the challenge is over, and you can’t respond in the Facebook group – that’s closed too.

But I wanted to share this video with you anyway, because it inspired a lot of people who participated in this challenge. And I think it can inspire you too. Enjoy!

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Brigitte van Tuijl is an author and mentor to women entrepreneurs who want to make a BIG difference with their business, without compromising or losing themselves in the process. You can subscribe to her weekly ezine filled with tips to make a difference in your own unique way on her website.