If you are in the market for either children, students or adults just starting out, art supplies for beginners are widely available for every style. As the ability to draw is the foundation of art, basic drawing materials are a necessity. For those who want to learn the essentials of working in a variety of media, art supplies can be purchased separately or in kits. Young or novice artists who are seriously considering pursuing art may find it helpful to invest in art instruction books or DVDs.

It has been observed that nearly all people go through the same stages when developing their visual perception abilities, which explains why children and adults respond in a similar way when first exposed to art instruction. Teaching art making to a beginner is not much different for a child or grown up so the supplies would tend to be the same. A substantial portion of the art supply market is designed with those at the beginning level in mind.

What has been a favorite option is a painting kit, which may come complete with everything one needs to get started making paintings. Other novices might be more interested in graffiti art or maybe face painting. There are starter kits on the market for both.

Most art teachers would agree that drawing is the basic skill that all other artistic ability depends upon. With access to drawing tools and proper instruction, most students will respond favorably. Good drawing paper respectively for graphite pencil, and charcoal and ink along with the appropriate drawing implements and tools like an eraser, ruler and compass are the basic necessities for art students. Templates and french curves are a nice touch.

Both for the sake of fun and experience, learning to draw using charcoal and pastels is another good option. These supplies can be selected separately or they are available in kits, which is usually more cost effective. Drawing with pastels and charcoal can be quite different than pencil or pen. Other choices are markers or colored pencils.

After mastering basic drafting skills, beginning artists are much more prepared to advance to the full color work of painting. Pastels and colored markers are a sort of transitional step between drawing and painting. Good quality multimedia art kits can be purchased at reasonable prices and are valuable for beginners who want to build painting skills and learn the different techniques needed for each medium. Brushes, paints and canvas are also available separately.

The easiest paints to get used to working with are water based pigments such as tempera, acrylic, watercolor or gouache. These are simple enough to use by the novice, but can be taken to high levels of complexity when the required skill level is developed. Oil paints can also be used by the beginner, but they are potentially more hazardous and difficult to work with than water based media.

Learning the essential skills needed to manipulate the tools of an artist is a fine way to begin ones introduction to making art. But advancing beyond a certain point taught through using art supplies for beginners will involve a step beyond manual dexterity to learning some concepts of art. The many educational DVDs and books that are obtainable can be of valuable assistance to those students who wish to advance to the next level.

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