Before we all go off to celebrate another ending and new beginning, may I encourage you to remember why you are right where you are, and celebrate all those things you did accomplish in 2012.

Now I know the overachiever in you is merely focused on all the things on your list that didn’t get done and that’s okay. Just for a moment, take a look back through that calendar of yours and remember all the moments you totally rocked. Remember those moments in your life when you totally knocked it out of the park? I bet you have forgotten many of them already. I’m talking the things you did for yourself as well as others. The things aside from your job that you did just because they needed doing. The effort you put into something that no one else knows was needed. Seriously, scroll backwards thorough the 52 weeks and 12 months from this year.

Celebrate yourself with a positive word or thought of congratulations. If you listen closely as you scroll, you may already be doing that overachiever’s version of celebration. It sounds like “Wow, I forgot about that” or “Oh, yeah, that was pretty cool” or “Man, that seems like it was ages ago” – and you’re just hitting the beginning of this current holiday season.

So, I’m curious, why don’t you celebrate yourself more often? Not the lame moments that others think you should but just truly and sincerely acknowledge the hard work and wonderful things you do. Some people think you are pretty amazing. You always shy away from that praise because you are looking at what you are not.

Today. Just for this moment. Go on and celebrate the difference between where you were, what you were and who you are now. You may not feel like you deserve it but I bet your calendar says otherwise. There were some things you did this year that you have every reason to be proud of. Everyone thrives off of encouragement. It’s like fuel to a car. You are no different. Indulge yourself. Your ego won’t get any bigger than it already is. I’m so sure your self depreciation is already on the case. Shut that negative talk down for just a moment and allow yourself to embrace your own fantastic magnificence!

Go on. Give yourself a well deserved round of applause.

And schedule some more frequent moments in 2013 to do the same.

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Adrienne, the Soul Power Coach

Adrienne, the Soul Power Coach™ is a Speaker and Coach for highly creative problems solvers and entrepreneurs who struggle with procrastination, doubts, fears, over-thinking, good excuses, and stubbornness. Adrienne knows exactly how to confidentially coach Helpers who get overwhelmed being there for everyone else, but are uncomfortable being helped. The Soul Power Coach™ has practical tools for the accomplished, respected, workaholic feeling isolated and frustrated because the people around them are behaving badly, or they just want life to be more fun. Clients come to the Soul Power Coach™ needing more focus, organization, consistency, and courage to move even the most impossible obstacles out of the way and feel more unspeakable joy. Adrienne has several ways to work herself out of a job by showing clients how to access their own Soul Power immediately and more consistently. Take the 30 Second Soul Power Challenge & get $275 of do-it-yourself coaching tools free at