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Sometimes it’s nice to shop on impulse, especially when you’re down. It’s what you call retail therapy. It’s very interesting how things such as clothes and food can brighten up your day. However, there’s one problem with regards to compulsive shopping: your own funds.

What happens when you can’t control your shopping spree? These scenarios are not fiction:

1. You will find it difficult to pay the bills.
2. You can damage your credit rating report, making it difficult for you to apply for loans.
3. You will have no savings for emergencies.
4. You may not be able to pay your mortgage.
5. Your wants will never stop.
6. You find yourself getting addicted with shopping.
7. You can go on overspending, which means you’re living more than your means.
8. You’ll be forced to work several jobs.
9. You can just damage your relationships (money is one of the major factors in divorce).
10. You can’t secure your future or that of your loved ones.

The list can go on. That’s why as early as now you must be able to learn how to regulate your impulsive shopping behavior. You can do the following:

1. Discover the real reason for your impulsive shopping. Unknown to you, you really don’t shop just for the heck of it. One of the foremost reasons why you develop such behavior is your level of insecurity. When you’re not surrounded with good things, you feel you are not good enough. Another is you may be craving for something. When you were a child, your parents may have not given you everything you need. Thus, you’re making up for the so-called incompleteness with your purchased items. Some tend to shop when they’re depressed or when they’re afraid.

When you already know the deeper reason for the impulse, then it becomes much easier for you to determine the best course of action.

2. Use good self-affirmations. You can also utilize subliminal messages to help you out. What are subliminal messages? They are called as such because they directly go into the subconscious. However, they are powerful enough they can influence the way your conscious mind thinks. For example, you make use of the following subliminal messages:

I can control my shopping urges.
I know my needs from my wants.
I go after my needs, not wants.
I am a confident person. I don’t need to have any cover-up.
I am satisfied with the love and care I get from my loved ones.

When you repeat the following subliminal messages, your thinking pattern changes. You start to believe you have the ability to control yourself. You can easily settle yourself with the causes of your impulse shopping.

3. Shop with a friend. Don’t forget to pick someone who can help you regulate your shopping behavior. Tell her to help you rationalize on the items you’re about to pick up or buy. Teach her to ask you the questions, “Do you really need that?” or “Can you really afford it?”

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