A better quality rolling paper that is made up of natural materials will enhance the quality of smoking experience. There are several types of rolling papers available in the market and each of them responds to the need of the smoker in their way. The choice essentially lies between hemp, wood, rice, and other varieties of fibres. The needs vary in terms of taste, rolling skills, the speed of smoking or the intensity of the puff, and a variety of other factors.

The impact of the quality of the paper on smoking sessions

A better rolling paper will improve the joint quality, and thus will take the smoking experience to an altogether new height. In fact, the finer is the rolling paper for tobacco the better the experience. However, one must not forget that the quality of the rolling paper cannot be a substitute for the skills that are needed to roll up the papers and prepare a neatly rolled up joint.

Despite the recent spurt of e-cigarettes, smoking in hand-rolled joints is still the most adored and considered the most aristocratic gesture.

The high quality traditional rolling papers are made up of wood pulp, which is adored mainly because they are devoid of chemicals that may intervene with the taste of the tobacco.

Every kind of rolling paper comes up with their unique characteristics that meet the desire and smoking needs of various smokers. They vary in terms of taste, the speed of burning, and the extent of thickness.

White papers or the 'brownies'?

Rolling papers come with a varying range of porosity, which controls the ventilation and the rate of burning. Besides, the papers at times come up with additional substances, which plays a pivotal role in retarding the rate of burning, thereby extending the smoking experience. They also act as the stabilisation factor for the papers, the smoke it generates, and the ash content. Some rolling papers available in India come up with chemical aspects due to the presence of calcium carbonate and chlorine. They help in slowing down the rate of burning but cause harm.

Coloured and flavoured rolling papers come up with a wide range of chemical substances and hence there is hardly any reason why you need to use them for smoking. Not only will they stop you from getting the real flavour of the tobacco, but they are also harmful to your health. Hence, in this tussle of white versus coloured, the white paper will always get the nod over the coloured ones.

Since time immortal, the classic wood pulp rolling papers have always been adored due to their purity, and their efficacy. They are immensely popular and can be blended with many other types of fibres & textures, which make them pretty easier to handle. These papers are thicker than the other types that are available in the market. They can be found in different varieties in terms of thickness – bleached as well as unbleached.

The white papers are bleached and the unbleached or raw variety comes in brown. Wood pulps are sticky substances and hence these papers are best for the beginners as they will be able to roll the papers up and can get a good grip on them.

Hence, in the tussle between the white and the brown, it all depends upon the personal choice, and hence both the varieties end up in a WIN-WIN situation.

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