The Loopz game is a game of memory and skill. It challenges the brain and gets people into thinking. It offers lots of interesting features too. Here is a partial list to look at.

1. Operating this device is a breeze. There is no button to push to turn it on. What you need to do is simply to position your hand in one of four semi-circular loops on the device, and it will be automatically on.

2. You have to mimic patterns exactly as they are shown to you.

3. You must stay alert and you are only allowed to make three mistakes.

4. It comes with seven game modes

5. This game is designed for people seven years old and up. It supports single and multi-player modes (maximum four persons).

The Loopz Game offers a very good mental exercise. It has several challenges, each in multiple skill levels. As such it is a good game to be played by young as well as older people, as people of all ages need mental exercise. Here is a brief information on two of the seven games offered by the Loopz Game.

Repeat the Beat

In this game mode, the Loopz challenges you with music and simple beats. The device will flash light in any of its four loops, and you need to position your hand in the corresponding loop. The device can flash the light in a loop several times, and you need to position your hand in the correct loop where the light flashes the same number of times. This game mode offers three levels, where you will advance from a level to the next once you do ten correct moves.

Reflex Master

This game can be played by up to four players. To begin the game position your hand in the upper right hand section of the device. One time is for one person and so on. Confirm your players by placing your hand in the lower left hand area. When the game starts, you have thirty seconds to touch as many flashing areas as you can. You must touch the area before the light goes out to score a hit. It you miss one, simply continue until your time is up.

All the players will take turn doing the above. Each will have to compete gathering as many hits as possible. When all the players have done their turn, Loopz will announce the results for each player. Therefore this is a wonderful way to exercise and work on your reflexes.

In summary, the Loopz Game is probably the one and only game device that effectively challenge your memory and reflexes in a fun musical way. There are seven game modes for you have have fun with, whether played alone or with friends and family members.

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