Adenomyosis mainly cause dysmenorrhea, menorrhagia, and sterility.Many females have been married for many years, while they may be unable to get pregnant with all efforts. After checked in hospital, they are diagnosed with adenomyosis unfortunately.

A colloquial picture of adenomyosis:

The naughty endometrium does not stay at its home (endometrium) as usual, and goes beyond the external zone (endometrium and myometrium) to grow (myometrium) and make troubles, resulting in inflammatory reaction and excessively strengthened protection (hypertrophy of surrounding myometrium).

Adenomyosis can give rise to heavy menstruation, and anemia. The uterus of a sufferer with adenomyosis is bigger and bulbous than that of the normal.

Increased area of the endometrium can result in excessive bleeding, prolonged menstrual period, accompanied by endometrium hyperplasia, which is also a common reason of excessive bleeding. In the long run, excessive bleeding can lead to anemia.

In serious cases, heterotopic endometrial tissue can give rise to pelvic cavity extensive adhesion, resulting in fallopian tube obstruction resulting in infertility.

Generally speaking, the most effective therapy for adenomyosis is a surgical removal of the uterus, but this means that the sufferer is unable to have children naturally. As a consequent, it is not suitable for sufferers who require fertility.

In case of adenomyosis, do females still have the chance to get pregnant and give birth to children naturally and successfully?

Generally speaking, sufferers with adenomyosis who want to become pregnant should work with their doctor to explore multiple medications, conservative surgery, assisted reproductive techniques, and other therapy choices until the completion of pregnancy.

Prior to the therapy, doctors will assess the infertility or fertility level of sufferers with adenomyosis for the first time, understand their uterus state, and apply the gonadotropin-releasing hormone, for the treatment if needed, to improve the internal environment of their uterus and pelvic cavity.

At the same time, they should look for the right time to guide pregnancy or choose assisted reproduction to assist pregnancy. The hormone reduces the level of estrogen progesterone at the central level and simulates the state of ovarian castration artificially. It can relieve the focus while improving dysmenorrhea and bleeding symptoms.

Additionally, by inhibiting some cytokines in peritoneal fluid, the intraperitoneal environment and the receptivity of embryos can be improved, the development and maturation of oocytes can be actively promoted, and the probability of pregnancy after drug withdrawal can be increased.

But the best weapon always has its drawbacks. For instance, the long-term suppression of the endocrine system can lead to low estrogen status, perimenopausal symptoms, increased osteoporosis and cardiovascular risk. Clinically, it can be improved by the reverse addition of small doses of estrogen-like drugs.

Further, hysteroscopy and laparoscopy should be performed without delay to assess the state of the uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries, and pelvic and abdominal environments when the doctor assesses t he surgical indications.

The doctor will make a therapy plan on account of the type and number of infertility factors identified during the assessing process.

What do doctors assess exactly?

The items commonly include whether it is combined with endometriosis or uterine fibroid, whether the morphological structure of the uterus and abdominal cavity is abnormal, and whether the fallopian tube structure is abnormal.

Later, based on the type of adenomyosis and varying stages of endometriosis, assisted reproduction therapy can be guided. On condition that the fertility is assessed as a poor level, assisted reproduction therapy can be directly used.

Likewise, the herbal remedy Fuyan Pill is commonly used for females with adenomyosis as well, which can help them solve painful symptoms, ameliorate the menstruation and unclog the tubal obstruction. It reacts on the whole urogenital system without side effects, so it can be seen as a very good option for suffers.

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